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About Us

We (Andrew and Vanessa) were both born in Essex, England. We were married in 1974. Five years later we had two  children,  Mathew & Hannah (both born in England), then in 1980 an opportunity came up for Andrew to work in the USA and we packed everything up, held the first "garage" sale ever in the UK and embarked on our first big adventure. (Taking two children, aged 13 months and 5 months respectively, on an Atlantic flight for a permanent move to the States). What an experience that was!

We arrived in the USA in October, 1980 with 2 suitcases (one full of diapers/nappies) and a couple of worn out babies, not to mention their parents! We moved into our new home in Damascus, Maryland in November and have lived there ever since. Our babes have now grown up and departed.  Hannah and husband, Bobby (they were married in Jamaica in 2005) live close by and they have a gorgeous dog (boxer) named Nellie. They had twins born August 27th 2008 and we now have a link at the bottom of this page where we have photo's of them.

 Mathew is single, loves his job as Sous-Chef and plays golf every opportunity he gets. We are fortunate that he also lives nearby. So now we have everyone together why are we planning to disappear? Good question. We love to see different places and we aren't getting any younger so we thought we'd try a couple of years aboard exploring the waters of the Eastern seaboard. Now the children seem somewhat settled we can go and do our own thing for a while. We realize plans may change but we are looking forward to working towards the current goal of two years on Tally Ho and then who knows what? Exploration and a sense of adventure appeal to us right now and we are both ready for a change of pace and scenery. Wish us luck!  If you'd like to read about our current status please go directly to  Letters Home


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