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April 2011


Week One:

This week we spent some time getting a ticket for Vanessa to return to the UK for her Father's funeral. It has proved most difficult to get out of Marsh Harbour and back to the mainland. Anyway we got the route sorted out and she left on Thursday to arrive on Saturday morning in Redcar UK.

We went out to Fowl Cay, a popular area for snorkeling, with Teamwork and that was a great trip to get our minds of the situation.  

A cold front came through and it appears to have knocked down the fires that have been burning for so long. It also brought with it some 50 MPH winds which rocked us about in the dock...... but no damage.

After Vanessa left for the UK Andrew had to put up with a group of girls parading on a balcony immediately above Tally Ho ........ disgusting. (Thank goodness for the binoculars!)


The fires continue to burn.

Fowl Cay for a day of snorkling.

Roger, Mary (Teamwork) with Vanessa at Fowl Cay

Cold Front and rain (to help put the fire out).

Thank goodness for binoculars.

How small can a bikini get.?

Week Two:

Vanessa spent most of the week in the North of England for her Fathers funeral. On a little happier note she was able to see both her brothers who she had not seen for a number of years. Travel to and from England was to take two days each way with a night stop-over in West Palm Beach. Not a good trip.

Meanwhile, Andrew stayed on the boat and broke the main laptop computer. He eventually had to wipe all the data away and start again with a clean machine.

Weather continues to be great and we are now making firm plans to leave Boat Harbour next week. No rush since house is rented out.


Richard and Mark in Redcar

Week Three:

We went up to Nippers in "Miss Rachel" (Bob and Judy Williams (Shade-Mor run-about) with the other remaining members of the yacht club. Nice fast ride and everybody stayed relatively dry. We had a few drinks and lunch.

Monday's weather was good to get around Whale Cay so we left Boat Harbour and headed for Manjack. On the way Fortnight came along also and we had a pleasant trip.

Wednesday morning the weather report looked good for a crossing so we decided to go rather than wait another week and find bad weather.

We left Manjack at 8a.m. and got to Mangrove Cay (in the middle of the banks) at sunset. We went through some patches of very light water ....... very strange since the depth was all the same. Upon arrival we had an early dinner and a few hours sleep and departed Mangrove at 2 a.m. went south of Memory Rock and then turned NW for Fort Pierce - about 90 miles away. We arrived at 6 p.m. and went to bed.

In the Gulf Stream we were passed by "Enchantment of the Seas" the ship  we had been on last September and Andrew called them on the radio and wished them safe passage up to Baltimore.

We had a small bird visit us on the crossing and he actually walked all over us so long as we were still. He later hitched a ride on a freighter that passed us by.


The last of the Royal Marsh HarbourYacht Club.

Nippers for lunch

Departing Boat Harbour for the season.

Strange water on the Banks

"Enchantment of the Seas"

Our Passenger sitting on the rail

Week Four:

We arrived and checked in over the phone with US Customs and Immigration and made our way to Vero Beach for a day of shopping.

We left Vero and went to Titusville and took a slip for week whilst we rented a car and went looking for a RV to buy. After charging around for 3 days we decided to abort the idea of buying and continue north in the boat. When we get back to Maryland we will rent an RV for a week ...... just to make sure before we buy!!

A manatee comes to the back of the boat.