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April 2012


Week One:

We're back in Abaco and still keeping busy. Our flight back was a non event, nothing like the flight over to West Palm a week ago. Here's the outward bound scoop: Our friend, Linda G., drove us to the Marsh Harbour airport at 9 a.m. Our flight was due to leave at 10:30. Well, there was a problem with the baggage door handle that prevented us from taking off, so a mechanic was flown in from Nassau. He couldn't fix the problem...to make a long story short.........they removed our bags, loaded the plane with people traveling to Nassau and left. Meanwhile we were left waiting for a new plane to take us to West Palm. The flight finally left at 3:30pm (it's only a 45 minute flight), but as we came in to land we were turned around again and spent another 45mins. waiting to land. Anyway all worked out in the end and we had a good week with our family.


We've been socializing ever since we got back. There are only a few boats left but that doesn't stop us! One day Vanessa went out bottom fishing with Jack, Sue and Jeff, and what a super day they had. Grouper, Trigger, Yellow Eye and more. We're really looking forward to dinner!

It was Andrew's birthday this week too, so Sandy made him her famous (made from scratch) chocolate cake and we had cocktails round at dock 7. After that several of the club joined us at Curlytails bar for more food and drink, and sunset over the harbor.


What a catch!

Partying at dock 7.

Birthday boy and cake.

Sunset over Marsh Harbour

Curlytails bar.

Sandy, in Pink....chef extraordinaire!


Week Two:

We left Boat Harbor on Monday for the start of the trip home and we anchored out at a Cay called "No Name". It was Easter Monday and the beach was very busy with locals that had cruised in for the day. We left them to their merry making, then we went ashore on Tuesday morning for a walk and came across the not so famous "Abaco wild pigs".  They were quite friendly and wanted to follow us everywhere.

A little jaunt in the dinghy took us to a small lagoon where Vanessa spotted two beautiful helmet conch very much alive. (We just took pictures and hope that others will do the same). 

Later on Tuesday we pulled in to Bluff House on Green Turtle Cay. We were met by old friends Vince and Linda, and then Ben and Margaret on Diva. The girls have already been playing MahJong and the cocktail parties are still in swing!

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, but before it did we managed to take a hike over to the ocean, the exact same spot we landed on 4 years ago with our buddy boat friends, Patty & Ray, and Patti & Emery. Nice reflections!

Click here for the photo from 4 years ago.

Now waiting for a break in the weather before we continue our trip back to the States.

Helmet conch

Tally Ho at anchor in the background. Scavenger in foreground!


Another piggy

Itchy piggy

Bluff House Marina

Where are the others?

Dinner at Green Turtle Club

Marty...Vanessa's gift...made by Muffin on Antares.


Week Three:

This week we crossed the stream. We left Green Turtle on Monday at 7am and arrived at Great Sale Cay at 4pm. It was quite windy so we spent the night in the bight where the waves were calmer. On Tuesday we left at 7am and went to West End via the Indian Cay cut. That was a little scary as it's a narrow and shallow channel, but we went through at mid tide and had plenty of water. We got to West End at 4pm and met up with our friends Vince and Linda, who had taken a longer route since they have a 6ft draft. We had originally planned to stay there for a couple of nights to check out the area but the weather forecast was good for a crossing the next day so bright and early...6am, we began our crossing back to Florida.  It took us exactly 12 hours to cover the 82 miles from West End to Fort Pierce. The stream was giving us a helping hand most of the way. The roughest part of the journey was towards the end (Murphy's law) when the winds picked up, the waters were confused, and of course we were tired. Entering the inlet to Fort Pierce we were doing 10.4 kts. That's really fast for us. We anchored just inside the inlet and got a good nights rest.

We are now at Vero Beach on April 20th. and we have just had the worst storm we have ever experienced. The wind was 60 MPH and we had rain with pea sized hail and the occasional flying dinghy. Our dinghy can't usually get up on plane, but today it was doing aerial exercises! Attached at the stern of Tally Ho by two lines, she still flipped with the outboard motor disappearing into the murky waters below. Other boats have lost all their canvas and we have sustained damage to our rub rail BUT everybody is OK.

So now the forecast for tomorrow is worse than today and we have nowhere to run to! Let us pray that the predictions are wrong and all will be well. We are sitting on a mooring ball with Fortnight. The mooring field is full.

Lew (Harmony) for cocktails in Great Sale.

Sunset at Great Sail

The Indian Cut just north of West End

West End resort.

ALESTO our buddy boat to cross from West End to Ft. Pierce


Week Four:

The predicted storm was only a very minor storm that came through in the early hours and whilst we got up to check everything, there was not a problem. Monday morning we left Vero and started North in earnest. It was blowing hard and once we got to Dragon Point, our anchorage for the night, we had a really tough time setting the anchor. Finally it stuck and we could relax after a long slog up the ICW.  The weather since Monday has been great- sunshine and little humidity, in the 80's.

Our friends Linda and Vince, left us at Titusville and we continued on. Our planned stop at the free dock at New Smyrna was stymied when we found out that the dock is being worked on and there was nowhere to tie up, so we continued on to Rockhouse Creek for the night.

We stopped at Jim and Danette's house in Palm Coast to deliver a couple of packages for the Mitchells'. We tied up to "Peace" and went to dinner with J, D and their friends. Early the next morning we left.

We made Fort George on Wednesday. Vanessa was excited about rowing to the beach, however that was not to be, as at 4 p.m. (Mid tide- going down) at the entrance we ran aground. We could not get ourselves off so we called the tow boat who took 45 minutes to get there and by that time we were really stuck. So we eventually got off at midnight,  re anchored and went to sleep. It was not a good nights rest. Anchoring in the dead of night with strong currents and other boats close by does not make you feel too restful. After such a rotten night we decided to forego the beach and head off to Cumberland Island, another favorite place. We thought we'd try the North anchorage in the Brickhill river. Well, all would have been fine but the horse flies were everywhere and in the far northern anchorage there was nowhere to dinghy ashore. Onward we went and spent last night in the Fredericka River, one of our favorite anchorages. It was peaceful and we were the only ones there.


"Fortnight" our buddy boat.

The Haulover bridge in Florida.

"Bounty" in St. Augustine Florida

Bridge of Lions.

St. John's river. Work area.