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April 2013


Week One:

We're back in the water after 5 months of being on land. So now we have 5 months worth of maintenance to do. The bilge was full of diesel fuel so we had to trace down what had gone wrong. It turned out to be a leaking fuel filter that we installed last August.......... just before we stored the boat on the hard. We probably lost only a few gallons since it was such a small leak.

The fridge has also been playing up and we think we will have to replace it soon. The white wine is still cold but the compressor runs 24 X 7.

The dingy cover has deteriorated and a new one will be made by us once we get the material.

We also had water coming into the bilge and this was as a result of a elbow fitting that split in the freezing weather over the winter. Andrew had missed that part of the water system when he winterized it. We tried to get a new fitting but eventually repaired the elbow and it now is not leaking.

The refurbished windlass has been installed ........ and works.

AND a whole load of other stuff that is on the list to be tested.

However on Thursday it looked good for Andrew to get the boat 25 miles up the bay to Baltimore and for Vanessa to drive the Van. Weather was cold but the full enclosure on the boat was comfortable and by 3.30 p.m. we were in our summer slip with a cup of tea.

Week Two and Three:

It’s a little hectic at present. The boat is in it’s new home and we are flitting between homes. We’ve had a few short rentals already this season and that means lots of work for both of us.  

We had a week at home and decided to get rid of a large tree on the side of the house. It was looking ratty and it was also clogging the gutters and generally not looking too attractive.  Andrew got to play with his chain saw and we finally managed to get the roots out (after much digging and sawing) by attaching a rope to the trunk and to the tow bar of the van, then giving it a good tug. Now we have to decide what to do with the new found space. 

We spent some time sewing the new dinghy cover, which appears to fit quite well now that we have it back on board.  

We had our grandchildren for three days whilst our daughter moved house. That was  a fun time. We, or I should say they, caught some tadpoles and now they’re excited about seeing them grow. Mummy doesn’t want them at her house so it looks like we’ll be taking care of them. The girls are really getting to be fun, but I have found it is quite exhausting entertaining them all day. When the going gets tough I look for their Innotabs (child Ipads) and then I can have a breather. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures as we’ve been so busy doing fun stuff.  

We are now busy thinking about a replacement vehicle for our aging van. It’s almost historic at 24 years old. Our thoughts on RV’s have changed and we are getting a TENT….now don’t laugh, this could be a real adventure! More on that thought later. 

Time to finish polishing the topsides……a sailor’s work is never done.

The twins

Cherry tree in full bloom

Andrew on Board


Week Four

We spent some time at Hannah's new house (condo) looking after the twins, whilst Hannah spent a couple of days in Florida. Her condo has two levels BUT it's 2 floors up ...... so that's 4 flights of stairs to get to the bedrooms. Getting the groceries up to the kitchen (3rd floor) would be very difficult for us....... but she has youth on her side. On the positive side it's across the street from the school the girls will attend and it's brand new.

After having fun with the girls we went back to the boat and had a good time in Baltimore at the Privateers festival. We  then spent some time at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show.

Mid week we went to the local Court to see what was happening. This is reportedly the busiest court in MD. We spent 2 hours seeing every case be "postponed" and eventually we were the only ones left in the courtroom with the Judge and sheriffs. The Judge asked if we were waiting for a case and when we told him we were only there to observe the American Justice system, he called us up to the bench and explained to us that the session we had been watching was purely to set up a future date for the cases to be heard. He told us that early next week we might get to see a "Attempted Murder" case. So we will try and get back next week.

The weather is still chilly in the mornings but warms up to 70 in the afternoon.  

A busty lady at the Pirate Festival

More Pirates

Pirate singing group.

Spring Boat Show in Annapolis

Young lady who rowed this boat across the Atlantic and she's now planning to row across the Pacific.