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April 2014


Week One:

We're back!  The website is suffering due to the fact that we really don't have much to report these days other than the same old news.

Our new vehicle arrived just in time for us to load it with all the boating supplies and extraneous STUFF and head on down to Annapolis to see the boat launched. The boat fared well during the winter and now has a new coat of bottom paint and a shiny hull. Topsides need some work but we've got all summer for that.

We now have the boat in its summer home in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Andrew sailed her round whilst I got the dock lines arranged in our new slip and waited for his arrival. It was a smooth trip and for once an easy entry into the slip. NO wind!! Baltimore really is a great place to have a floating condo, so much to do and see, and provisioning is just a walk across the street. We spent 9 days onboard early this month and it was rather chilly, so we bought a space heater and wrapped ourselves in blankets for most of the time. We fitted our newly repaired cockpit enclosure which helped keep the warmth in, but in repairing it we must have made one of the side curtains a little too short which made closing it up rather a chore. Now we are home and we've made some minor alterations, so we are keeping our fingers crossed it works better. We'll find out at the end of this week.

Andrew has finished his course of knee injections and it has not been that successful to date. The first injection went well, the second was a huge setback (possibly because he moved as the needle went in!), the third was so-so and this last one was another setback for a few days. Now we wait and hope he'll feel a little better. The truth is that he will definitely need surgery if he wants to get back to doing anything close to what he could do two years ago. So the BIG news is that in order to have the knee replacement surgery he needs to lose weight and we are now fully engaged in this endeavor. We are doing the "in" thing of juicing (well, not actually juicing but blending in our case) and we are having so much fun experimenting with all the great fruit and veggie recipes out there on the internet. You would be amazed at all the weird concoctions out there. We are exercising as much as possible by taking bike rides (biking doesn't hurt) into town to pick up our groceries, much like our jaunts to town in the Abacos but without the enormous pot holes and potcakes (stray dogs).  The C & O canal path about 10 miles away from home offers a really nice ride, all flat and an abundance of natural scenery. 

We've had an extension made to the driveway  and the whole drive redone. Now we can keep our trailer (or perhaps pop up camper?) neatly stashed at the side of the garage without it sinking into the mud. We really have been quite busy this past month and next month is looking to be the same. The yard is in a state and we've lost, or appear to have lost a lot of our plants due to the severe winter we've had. Our deck needs repairing and that will be a big job. We intend to tackle it ourselves.........we'll see!

April has come and gone. Now it's time for me to go. Hasta la vista!  Spanish class is over for now.