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August & September  2014

ANYONE OUT THERE?   We apologize to you all as we have been very delinquent in updating our web site, and of course we have plenty of excuses for the delay. 

The summer weather has been good to us, but Andrew's health made it hard for us to enjoy the normal activities we are so used to. He has been very diligent in losing weight so that he could have the much needed knee replacement. It was a continual struggle for him to walk the very long dock to get to the boat. In fact he didn't walk, he somehow found it easier to ride his bike. The problem was that riding the bike was easy but once he got off it he couldn't walk more that 50 feet without being in lots of pain. So our summer was spent going back and forth from boat to house with no exciting travels!

The knee has now been replaced....that sounds strange! So now we are in recovery mode at home. We hear it is a long and painful recovery from this type of surgery and it is proving to be so only two weeks out. However the Captain is doing well and the knee looks good. We hope to be traveling soon.

Whilst going to and fro, boat, house, boat, house....... we were able to enjoy a few visits with our grandchildren. Gosh they grow so fast. We don't see them often enough due to their very hectic schedule, and they are only 6!

Baltimore, where the boat was docked, had multiple festivities going on this summer (every summer) and we were in the perfect spot to view the tall ships passing by and the purportedly "Largest Fireworks Display" in the country. Six barges were positioned along the river so the show could be seen for miles around.

Tally Ho is now on the hard in Annapolis and  is up for sale. We have had a great time with her but we now feel it is time to move on and try our hand at something else.......as soon as health permits!





Fireworks in Baltimore

Tall ships in Baltimore

Tally Ho on the hard for the winter.

Knee after replacement surgery