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August  2008

Week One and Two:

This week we received the very sad news that our young nephew Russell, passed away on Saturday, August 2nd after a three year battle with cancer. Words cannot express our feelings, but our thoughts and prayers are with all the family in the UK. He was such a vibrant, loving young man and he will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

We came back home this week for a variety of reasons. One was for our friends sons  wedding. A great time was had by all. Vanessa has a book to record, and we are also visiting with Hannah, whose babies are due any day now! Also the furnace (35 years old) had to be replaced. So we've been able to visit with Mathew too. He's a super house sitter as well as cook!

If you saw/heard the news (it was international) this week, you will know that our marina was in the spotlight. Mr. Rockerfeller, the baby snatcher, keeps his catamaran here and that was how the police managed to capture him. We've had lots of visitors taking pictures.

We shipped the Autohelm (computer and head) back to Raymarine again and within two days they called us to say that it has been fixed.

For the boaters that are interested the problem was with an S2 computer and a ST 6000+ control head - if you turn the Cal Lock ON you can NEVER turn it back off again (unless you send everything back to the factory or you get a more recent model of the control head like a ST 6001+($500)). As much as I like Raymarine product we have fought this battle since April and whilst pleased we now have an answer this has caused a lot of problems and nothing in the documentation covers this circumstance.

Andrew has been busy onboard sewing bike bags, dinghy covers and making general repairs. Vanessa has now finished her work and is back at the boat working too! She's also knitting and has just finished her first project - booties. Oh Boy! or should I say Oh girls!!!!

Trying hard not to spend money, especially since there's none coming in.........but guess what? There's now a new TV in the Captain's stateroom....Hmmm!!! 


Booties for one. Need another set.

Andrew after a hard day on the sewing machine.

Week Three

Not much going on other than thinking about the upcoming arrival of the the twins. We have had some great weather so we had a night out in Bodkin Creek about 10 miles away. Compared to the noise of Baltimore, Bodkin was very peaceful.  Hannah and Bobby visited us at the weekend. She's definitely ready to deliver! Later in the week Vanessa and Hannah went out for last minute shopping....not clothing or jewelry, but diapers!!!

We are now in the mode of preparing for the Bahamas trip. Provisions lists, waypoint markers and all that good stuff. Today we discovered the dinghy has a leak somewhere, so that needs looking at. Always something to repair! 

Week Four 



Hannah (our daughter) went to the hospital and on Wednesday August 27 gave birth to

Chloe Melrose Hanson 4Lbs 11oz  and

Kendall Rosemarie Hanson  4lbs  10oz.

Click here for a small video of the twins.

All are doing fine.