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August  2009

Week One :

Not much happened this past week. Andrew had a few days on the boat, doing a solo trip south a few miles. Vanessa continued her duties of part time baby sitter.


On Friday, Mathew, our son, had some surgery and Andrew played nursemaid for a few days. Vanessa was babysitting.

All's well and its now turning hot and humid. I guess it is August.

Week Two and Three :

Hot, hotter and humid too. We spent some time on the boat provisioning for the mid-September departure. We have spent way over budget on supplies. Let's hope that once get going we come in way under. (eyes bigger than our bellies...well, one can wish!).  Vanessa has been on baby watch most days - and we are now getting ready for the girls "first" birthday.  Andrew has spent time at the house doing some maintenance on the house and grounds.

Too busy cleaning poop and asphalting driveways to take pictures.  There are some professional photo's of the twins that we've  added to the site though click here to see.


Week Four :

Another busy week for Vanessa at home. Andrew has been living aboard and spending lots of time and $$$ ordering parts for the boat and finding too many repairs to be done.

We had a lovely time at the babies first birthday party on August 29th. The best children's party I've been to. Booze and good adult food. That's the way to do it Hannah! 

The following  morning we dashed back to the boat to meet with friends, Mike, Donna, Robin and Dave. We took them out for a lovely day sail. Great weather, great company and great food.  We planned to leave the following day for a couple of days on the water, but as luck would have it we found trouble with the generator water pump. Generator girl (that's me!) went below and took pictures so that we could show the tech guys at Bayshore Marine (good guys) in Annapolis what was happening. $$$$ later we came home with a new pump to fit!   Ah, now the good stuff....we had to remove the gear from the old pump and put it on the new; easy YOU say! Well, it wasn't. Generator girl didn't have the strength to remove one of the bolts, so the big guy had to go below. His claustrophobia didn't help, but he eventually managed to remove the pump and we had to take it to the house and rework some of Andrew's "special" tools to pry the thing off. All done, we returned to the boat to fit it. It turned out to be a longer and more troublesome job than we expected but we see no leaks now so that's good.

In the middle of all our to'ing and fro'ing  we noticed that my bike was missing. I thought perhaps another cruiser had borrowed it, but as it turned out it was stolen. Bummer!! Now we have to search for another one. It's an important mode of transport once we hit land.