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August  2010

Week One :

We went to our annual block party at home in the cul de sac, and had a great time visiting with all the neighbors. Kevin cooked chicken and shrimp and we all brought a dish to share. There was music by Brashar our resident DJ and the evening ended at around 11:00 p.m. (That's the time we quit!!).

We have both been busy with chores and maintenance jobs around the house. Andrew is cutting down a tree in the yard and repairing sash windows. Vanessa has been busy cleaning carpets and making some hatch covers for the boat! Of course she's taken time out to have fun with Hannah and the girls. They took a trip to the National Zoo midweek and even though the heat was oppressive and most of the exhibits closed (they always seem to be!), a good time was had by all.

Kevin and Mike at the grill.

Chris, and Maram with new baby.

Andrew and the girls, Carolyn, Carol and Michelle.

Chrissy, Beth and Trish.

Week Two, Three and a half:

Busy, Busy, Busy - We almost sold the boat, but just could not get the required closing date by the end of August (lots of irons in the fire!)... so the decision has been made to take the boat South one last time. We're in a mad panic now to get things ready for our departure once we return from our "Big Cruise" trip to Canada/New England on the 18th.

At home we continue to do the inevitable maintenance chores both in and around the house.   Andrew has removed a large tree from the yard (it was the type that held its leaves until January and then shed between snowstorms creating a constant problem with the grass). Not any more!!! He really enjoyed playing with the rented stump remover. Loves his man tools!

Vanessa continues to help with looking after our two adorable grandchildren who are becoming more entertaining by the day. It is certainly a busy time when they are around and our age is getting the better of us, but what enjoyment! It will be tough to leave yet again, especially now they are communicating more and are getting to know us.

Lots to do to prep the boat. She's getting her bottom painted soon

and should have a nicely polished hull by the time we depart.

Tally Ho comes out of the water.

The tree has to come down.

The branches are off.

The trunk is down

The stump has gone.


and Chloe

Week Four

 Another busy week getting ready to go south.The twins had their second birthday and there was a little party for them at Bobby's and Hannah's house. We have been buying, wine, beer and liquor and we spent a day loading it onto the boat.

This year we just have 4 cases of bottled wine, 60 liters of wine in boxes, 8 cases of beer, and 20 liters of liquor. We buy the rum when we are south. 

Last weekend we went to PA to watch Hannah (our daughter with twins)  compete in her first triathlon. Her swimming is not too good (yet) but she makes up for it in the bike and run. Anyway to cut a long story short she came first in the females. A 4 minute video of the day is here.

Andrew unloading the van of "Refreshments" and loading onto boat.

Hannah and Vanessa at the Triathalon. Well done Hannah.

The twins are now 2. Happy birthday.