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August  2011

Week One :

Vanessa did several days of baby sitting whilst Hannah went off the San Francisco for a few days of work.

Recent photo's of the twins are here.

We cleaned up the house for the next batch of renters and then went back to the boat for a week. Now we are doing maintenance on the boat for one last trip south. Incidentally that is exactly whet we said last year .... "one last trip south".

Weather has cooled down a little so outside cleaning is the order of the day.

Week Two :

We went to see Hannah compete in a Duathlon (2 Mile Run .....26 mile Bike and then 4 mile run) and once again she did very well. She led most of the way and then was overtaken in the last 2 miles. The winner was a National professional competitor, so way to go Hannah! A short Youtube video is here.

We took a road trip to Virginia to see another RV. We are still interested in buying one but as yet we haven't seen "the one". At least for the price we want to pay!

Larry and Fran (s/v Kallista) who we traveled down to FL with 4 years ago were in town so one evening we went and had dinner with them, their friends, Bob & Cindy and Dave (Canvasbacktoo) and then Pat and Ray (Reflection) came into town and we went to the Howard County Fair with them and had a look at all the animals.

And now we are back at home starting to think about getting ready to go south again in the middle of September.

What a bike.

Ray and Pat at the county fair.

Sweet Love?


Cow Girl showing how to control the horse.

Hen Pecked?


Week Three :

Time is going by far too fast.

Hannah competed in the Columbia Irongirl Triathlon. Fortunately Mathew was able to go with us to see it. We arrived in pouring rain and the race was delayed a few minutes, but all went well and our girl came in 5th overall. Another fun event to watch. Short Video here.

More maintenance on the house and yard, and too much excitement with earthquakes and hurricanes all in one week!  Andrew fell over the opened dishwasher early in the week and I'm not sure who was more damaged. Fortunately he missed a near stabbing with a sharp knife that was sticking up towards his chest. He bent the door (putting it mildly) and has made  a valiant effort to repair the machine. It's currently working! He's also been busy stocking the boat with booze and readying her for hurricane Irene's imposing presence.

Whilst he was in Baltimore, I was babysitting in Frederick- The Earthquake. I had just put the girls down for an afternoon nap and 30 minutes later one of them was crying so I rushed upstairs to see what was wrong. When I opened the bedroom door it looked like a horror movie - the whole room was shaking, crib, walls, and baby sitting in the middle complaining of a loud noise! We ran to the other bedroom to get baby #2 and raced down the stairs with the hall chandelier above us spinning round in circles!  Andrew meanwhile was in Safeway, some 60 miles away, buying his lunch and he was most put out because they evacuated the building due to ceiling tiles dropping and food falling off the shelves. He was sooooo hungry!

Two days after that excitement we had the concern of a major hurricane devastating our area. We have yet to see how Tally Ho survived, but our house is still standing and we only have leaves and twigs splayed on the lawn. We were very lucky, as indeed were most of our friends in Abaco and all those along the East coast.

Our girls turned 3 this weekend. They are growing up! This week they start preschool. Their birthday party was delayed due to the bad weather predictions, but we still had a good time with them.

The family at the Iron Girl triathalon

Chair ready for a change.

Twins on their 3rd bithday


Week Four:

We went down to the boat to check on it after the storm had passed and everything was fine. We put the canvas back up and stored a few more tings for the trip and then went home. The boat is getting old and we are now starting to replace lines and things hopefully before they break.

Andrew spent a few days repairing and reupholstering an old chair. It had to come down to the bare frame and all be re-glued, new springs and of course a new cover- see result below.

At the weekend Andrew and Son (Mathew) went off to the Baltimore Grand Prix and had a great time together. Mathew somehow got us into the Patron Tequila VIP tent where we downed 4 or 5 Margaritas with burgers and Italian sausage and followed up by Rum shooters.......

Then our twins had there postponed birthday party.

Storms and hurricanes are close by but at the moment our plans are still on to leave on the 12th.

Boat starting to fall apart.

Another job done at home

Very, very noisy

Mat's new best friend with the VIP tent.

Mat looking happy in the VIP tent at the races.

How sweet you guys look.

Birthday party at Bobby and Hannah's house.

Party time.

Birthday cake for the twins