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August  2012

Week One :

We are back at home for just over a week. The heat and humidity has been relentless. Our air conditioning unit is about 40 years old and is still holding up, for how much longer we wonder!

We were fortunate enough to have all the family together for a meal on Sunday. It's really difficult arranging these things as the children all have such crazy schedules. Still we managed it and it was great. Our grandchildren are growing up fast, maybe a little too fast. Their vocabulary is very good and their personalities are beginning to take shape. They may be identical twins, but they have very different characters. It's fun to watch them.

We decided this week to change our Fall plans and instead of going to Florida we'll tour some places in Europe, so we have been very busy organizing flights, accommodations, car rentals etc. etc. More news on this upcoming adventure later.

Now, it's time to get back to the boat and perhaps take her out for a short cruise. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Bathtime for the twins


Week Two :

Now at the boat for the week and there's been lots going on. Unfortunately none of it has been good.

We were just settling in on Tuesday afternoon, and that's when we received some tragic news via email from one of our boating friends. Premium Time (a Great Harbor 37) had burned and was gutted, with unidentifiable human remains found aboard. We followed the news out of Jacksonville, FL and later evidence on Wednesday produced a bizarre triple killing! We are still trying to come to terms with the fact that we knew two of the people, quite well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Karen Shaye Barnes and David Trauger and the other person involved in this tragic, senseless turn of events.  Apparently David murdered Karen and her friend, and then set them and the boat afire. Subsequently the police cornered David and shot him to death. 

The link below will give you some idea of what happened. Very sad!


Also on Wednesday in the late afternoon, (Andrew was taking his usual nap and I was still glued to the computer reading about our friends,) our boat was rocked quite severely. This happens occasionally at this marina (Anchorage Marina) so we thought nothing of it. A little while later I went on deck to get some air and our dock was full of police and firefighters. One of the boats about 10 slips down from us had just gone up in flames and the boat next to it had also sustained damage. Fortunately the owners were not aboard. See picture below!   The severe rocking of our boat was due to the fire brigade boat charging around to get to the scene and douse the flames. My captain slept through the lot, and I was in too much shock with the other incident to notice all the commotion.

We've had enough trauma and excitement for one week. We decided to get back to doing some chores and had a wonderful (not) time changing the oil and filters in the generator. Of course we made such an awful mess that the cockpit had to be thoroughly scrubbed. About time!!!

Karen aboard Tally Ho for a day out.

David and Karen during happier times.

Boat burnt on our dock........ whilst we were aboard.

Week Three:

At the start of the week Lee (Anchorage Marina dockhand) had a birthday party with crabs and beer on the main dock.  Super crabs and a fun time. We then came home to Damascus to clean up, and our boating friends Pat and Ray (Reflection), who now live in Florida, came to visit for the evening. Old times were revisited and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Also the twins came to visit and stay for a sleepover. We took them fishing but they did not catch anything except stones and leaves which made them very happy. Andrew repaired the pressure washer and the hose reel, and Vanessa continued to clean, wash and play mahjong at the local senior center.

Lee and his wife on Lee's birthday.

Lee's birthday crab feast.

Ray and Pat

Let's go fishing

No fish dinner today.


Week Four:

Our grandchildren turned 4 this week. Amazing how time flies! Hannah planned a fun party at a local park. The location was great and we set up the party under a shelter. Good job too, as half an hour into the fun the skies turned black, the winds blew up, and then it poured down. Painting supplies, cups and plates flew all over the place but the girls still had fun with their friends. Unfortunately all the play equipment got wet, so swings and slides were a no go!  We were forced to close the festivities a little early and then later we took the family to dinner for more celebrations.

Early in the week we packed our bags and went back to the boat for a few days. This constant running between house and boat will come to an end soon, thank goodness. We are never in one place long enough to get much accomplished. We had guests aboard for drinks (Dave & Mark). And now cruising friends, Gene & Judy have arrived at the marina for a few weeks, so we'll be getting together with them, if schedules will allow. We also did some more geocaching around the city. It's a fun hobby and will take you to some interesting sites. Yesterday we happened upon the house where Mary Pickersgill sewed the Star Spangled Banner. We popped into the museum and the lady at the reception desk was a font of information. An educational morning all due to geocaching!

The party's started.

Hmm...it's hot and I want more paint.

See, I can make my own cake and eat it too!

All cleaned up for a birthday dinner.

More cake!

Now it's my turn!