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August  2013

Week One :

We have been on the boat for several days and the weather has been surprisingly cool for August which is great. The little boat has been sold and the profit put towards our vacation kitty. 

We had a visit from good friends, Paul and Mary (Propinquity) who have taken their sailboat down to Trinidad and we enjoyed hearing about their many adventures as they headed South.

We had the twins stay overnight on the boat and it appears they enjoyed themselves, so much so that they didn't sleep a wink!  They really wanted to steer the boat but we did not take them out as it was such a miserable rainy day. Maybe next time. We had a five minute break in the rain to rush out on the dock and feed the ducks. The rest of the time was spent exploring the interior of the boat. On Sunday we left the boat early (5.45am) to drive out to see Hannah race in her first Duathlon (2 Mile run, 13 Miles on Bike and then another 2 mile run) in almost 2 years. We were expecting her to do well but she exceeded our expectations and beat everybody with a time of 1 hour 4 minutes with the number two participant coming in 7 minutes later.

On Monday we took a 16 mile bike ride ourselves and we were pleased to get off the saddle at the end. I think we will wait a few days before we take another long ride!!!. However the ride was on a marked trail out of the City center and into the country along a river and it was very enjoyable, plus we really need the exercise.

Hannah on the bike

The winning team

Week Two :

We cleaned up at the house and on Tuesday drove down to a hotel near to Dulles Airport for a 6 am flight on Wednesday morning. The Jet Blue flight was on time and very comfortable. Jill was at the Long Beach airport to meet us and by 10 am (Local time) we were at the house.  We had dinner overlooking the beach and then did a little Geocaching.

On Thursday we drove to Las Vegas and then the desert heat hit us. The high temp is around 106 and in the middle of the night it drops to about 85. Not very enjoyable but the nighttime swim just prior to bed time is nice. 

Friday evening we hosted a party at the house for Oliver who is now 21.

Breakfast in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip

Week Three :

What can we say about Vegas.....not much really, but we did enjoy our nephew's wedding and had fun seeing our family again and catching up on all their news. Andrew played at the roulette table one evening and won a few dollars so we left whilst we were on a winning streak.  It is sad to see so many people hooked on the gambling scene, and although Vegas was buzzing with life it was also quite depressing.

We left Vegas and took a four and a half hour drive back to Torrance, LA where Vanessa's brother and family live. On the way back we stopped for a spot of geocaching and a rest at some weird Alien shop that is known for it's beef jerky. That night we went to Vanessa's cousin's house (Daryl and Jackie) for dinner.  They have a lovely home and have done wonders in their backyard which Daryl has terraced and planted. You have to be there to see how steep it is.  the following day we went to visit our niece, Rachel and her husband Farris. They just found out they are expecting and they've moved from the city to a family friendly area called Claremont.  They both gave us a lovely tour of their new home and the area.

Our friends, Tony and Karen, from the UK, were in Manhatten Beach for a few days and we were able to meet them for lunch too.

On Friday evening we flew out of Long Beach and arrived back in Maryland at 5:00am. We went straight home to clean the house for our next set of guests, then we drove to the boat for another week. 


The bride and groom, Katie and Oliver

Wedding Party

Aliens.....no, not me. The one's inside the car!

More creature's

Daryl & Jackie's garden

Mark,left. Daryl right

Rachel and Farris

Another geocache

From Left: Jill, Karen, Vanessa, Tony

Andrew & Mark.