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December 2009

Week One:

We have had several fine (beautiful) days of weather. The seas have been so calm and the water crystal clear. Of course we have taken full advantage of the conditions and gone out for day trips and an overnighter to Hopetown for the Box Car Derby. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuKmqcLNvVk) A fun time was had by all and we finished the day with a trip to Vernon's Bakery to buy his famous Key Lime pie. What a treat that was! Sinfully delicious.

A really lovely day was had at Snake Cay. We took the dinghy into the mangroves and saw turtles, barracuda, and several other fish. We strolled the deserted beach and it was glorious. One of those magical days!  On our sail (no motor) back to the harbor we cast a fishing line off the stern of the boat and caught our dinner, a beautiful mutton snapper. This is why we came here.....warm water, sunny skies, beautiful scenery, serenity, ah paradise!

We have already caught more fish than we did last year. it's fun to catch them but gutting and filleting is another matter entirely. Vanessa does the dirty work and Andrew does the cooking! Good old fashioned fish and chips.

The dock is filling up and that means group cocktails have begun. Water aerobics are held four times a week in the resort pool and yoga is in the tiki hut five days a week. Of course there's the community walk every morning. Gosh, when is there time to relax. We go grocery shopping two or three times a week. 

The Hopetown Box car Derby.

Food and drinks at the Box car Derby.

Just so you know what a Curly Tail looks like.

Vernon and his Key Lime Pie.

Hopetown Lighthouse

Snake Cay just for us. Vanessa and dingy on left and Tally Ho on the right.

Conch for dinner. Hard work for little return.

Fresh baked bread from the bakers.

Meats at the Grocery store.

Old man driving dingy.

Crystal clear.

Mutton Snapper for dinner.

Week Two:

Another week has flown by and we have been busy doing all sorts of fun stuff. The RMHYC had their annual Xmas dinner and we were joined by our friends from Treasure Cay for the event. It was  a great evening with over 100 people in attendance.

There was also a Xmas event in Marsh Harbour. Unfortunately the action didn't start on time (usually the case over here) and we left before the party started.

Vanessa spent some time making doodad's (is that a word?) whilst Andrew spent most of the week in a neck brace poor boy! We did venture out sailing and snorkeling too.



Andrew and Rita at Marsh Harbour Xmas event.

Vanessa getting some earrings ready for one of the parties.

Earrings and what's that?

Mary (slip neighbor) and Vanessa at the dinner party.

Bruce and Robbie Green who winter in Treasure Cay and live the rest of the time in London and Dorset.

Judy and Judy looking very nice.

Lois, Carolyn and Betty

Patti and Sally

Our table for dinner.

"Who's this lovely couple"

A part of a turtle shell (scute) that Vanessa found on the beach.


Week Three:

More snorkeling, lobster hunting, entertaining and playing.

Vanessa took a road trip out to some shell and sea glass beaches with a few friends. A great time was had by all even though the pickings were slim! Another day our friend Wink from "John Henry" took us both out to capture dinner and we managed to get 6 lobster that he cooked for us in the evening. Vanessa really wants to catch a lobster but after seeing how much work it is she's decided to cough up a few $$ and go to Scagg's (the local fish shop) for their fresh catch.  She and Wink spent several hours searching for the little devils whilst Andrew sat in the skiff and slept, and Wilma stayed home cleaning. It was a tiring day!!! But dinner was GREAT.

With the holiday season upon us there are many events going on. We celebrated Hannukah aboard "Chipka Fire" and the following night we experienced a Gospel evening at a Catholic Church in Marsh Harbour.

The weather was good for the early part of the week and we took some friends out for a day sail. The wind was just right for a really pleasant trip and even our stinkpot crew enjoyed it.

The breezes have now picked up (45 Kts) and it's cooling down a little. We leave for the States tomorrow. The snow is falling in DC and they are expecting 2ft. by the end of tonight. Hmmm....hope we make it home as we're so looking forward to visiting the family....grandchildren, especially!

Wilma treasure hunting at Crossing Rocks.

Wink and Sue taking a break.

Casuarina Point

Church event in Marsh Harbour. Carl, Lois, Ed, Shirley, Judy & Gene.

The St. Francis Choir

Nassau Choir


Audrey, Roger & Mary.

Andrew & David. Nice day out.

Week Four:

We left the Bahamas for home on Sunday and arrived with 20" of snow on the ground. Fortunately both of our flights were on time but we did have to wait 45 minutes at Washington National to find an open gate. They only had one runway working.

Hannah picked us up after a full day of work downtown, and the DOT had done such a good job of clearing the roads that the drive home was easy. Mathew had spent the previous day shoveling the driveway and digging a trench around the house to prevent water damage. He did a great job!

It's wonderful to be with the grandchildren. They are gorgeous and are growing so fast. It is lots of fun being with them and seeing the changes that have taken place in our 3 month absence.

The picnic table at our house with a good 20" on it.

Kendall in back, Chloe front. With Mummy.

Chloe in purple. Kendall, green. I think Barney is on the screen!!

Week Five:

We continue to clean and clear out the house now that Mathew has left. The weather melted the snow and we were able to spend a day clearing the leaves in the yard. ....... Then the next day it snowed again .... only about 3 inches so we cleared the driveway. Oh to get back to the Bahamas. We're sick of house work and yard work and cold weather..........but we will miss the family when we leave. The girls are so much fun! Exhausting but so lovely!

Andrew with the snow shovel......

One of our Grand children.

Vanessa getting the leaves off the lawn.