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December 2010

Week One:

Hope Town is a delightful, quaint little village on Elbow Cay.  There's no room to anchor in the harbor so a mooring ball is a must. When we arrived we headed straight for our reserved ball (an empty milk can with Tally Ho written on it attached).

On Friday we went to a craft show and wine tasting event where we met several friends. On Saturday we headed for the annual Box Car Derby. Click Here for Video. Here also were more friends. The event takes place in the middle of the Cay, so it's quite a hike to get there. Fortunately David & Betty on Tar Heel gave us a lift in their rented golf cart. Vanessa and Muffin (sv/Antares), with Lucy the dog took early morning walks along the pristine beach.

From Hope Town it was a short hop across the Sea of Abaco to our winter home at the Abaco Beach Resort, where we were welcomed by more friends. The new Maxwell grocery store in Marsh Harbour has now opened and it is terrific. Plenty of choice and lots of space. We really didn't need to provision in the US. If only we'd known!

On Friday, Wally and Joan (Fancy Bread) drove us down to Pete's Pub where we had a pleasant lunch. 

Elbow Cay beach

Vanessa on the beach again.

The famous Hope Town Light house.

Shopping at the new Maxwells.

Wally, Joan, Andrew and Vanessa having lunch at Pete's Pub

Week Two:

Christmas is upon us and Vanessa has put our Christmas tree up. Where she keeps all of this stuff I have no idea. Other boats have started to put lights and wreaths on for the holidays.

Vanessa is getting proficient at the knitting and Andrew spent several hours over several days varnishing the two boards on the side of the boat where we store our extra fuel jerry cans.

We have found out how to receive 4 US TV stations on the TV which keeps us in touch with what's happening in the USA.

We are starting to get into the regular exercise programs, early morning walking club, pickle ball, water aerobics. Vanessa went to a watercolor class this week and really had fun.........OH NO! More stuff to fit onboard.  

Many RMHYC members are not returning this year and we miss them. Many have not made it over yet due to weather conditions and we miss them too. However, there are new faces and we are enjoying get to know them.

We're expecting some nasty weather conditions next week. It's nice being at the dock!


Our Christmas tree lights are on.

The boat Tar Heel has its Christmas lights on.

Vanessa has finished a Baby jacket. Where is the other?

Fenders went fishing and someone caught a 54 lb. Wahoo.

Andrew varnished the storage boards. The only wood on the outside of the boat. Thank goodness.

Week Three:

Christmas is upon us and the weather has been a little chilly. However in South Florida they have had record low temperatures down to freezing! We had a gale one day and tried to spend most of the day off the boat to avoid the rocking and rolling.

Andrew got round to repairing the main burner igniter on the stove and what a problem that was. However after numerous modifications to the supplied spare parts we got it back together and it appears to work now.

On the nice days we took the dingy out to another beach and did some exploration. Water is cold at 67 degrees so little swimming........ only in the heated pool at the resort.

We left Marsh Harbour on Thursday and arrived home with snow on the ground. And then we had a house picnic with our two grandchildren.... what fun.

Just another beach to explore.

I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts!

Stingray being chased into the shallows

Another job in process.

Our table for Christmas dinner at the resort.

Kathy Fenn and Andrew at dinner. Note he still knows how to put a tie on.

Indoor picnic in Maryland.

Week Four:

Christmas is here and we have been busy helping Hannah out with the grand children and helping Mathew with some of the maintenance with his house. It's good see the neighbors again and we still have snow on the ground! It's COLD ........ I want to go home to the Bahamas.

No photo's this week BUT we have added Christmas 2010 photo's of our two girls. Click here .

Week Five:

Christmas has gone. We had a great Christmas day dinner with family and guests. Santa came for a visit and handed out small presents to everyone. However, the stars of the day (the grandchildren) were not interested in sitting on his knee. Let's hope for better luck next year.

We are getting ready to head back to the boat so we have been busy getting things ready and packing up all the parts/spares that we need. Andrew got a new fishing rod for Christmas and now we find out that its 6 " longer than we can check onto the plane unless we pay $150 surcharge. Andrew said lets spend the $150 at the fish shop instead, so fishing rod stays at the house. 

Santa and Christine

Santa and Bob (Bobbys father).

Santa and Mat

Andrew and Barbara (Christine's Mother)