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December 2011

Week One:

The wind has been relentless and the crossing opportunity slim at best, so we have only had a couple of boats join us this week. Our neighbors, Vic & Wendy just came in and are happy to be "home". We leave for our land home in a few days and there will not be any more arrivals before then, it's just too darned windy and the seas are rough!

We listen daily to several different weather stations and all are contradictory. One day we decided to take some friends out for a run to the beach, because the forecast seemed to be good, but shortly after we left the rain came and the winds blew and we ended up running back to the dock to enjoy our lunch there instead of anchored off one of the lovely little islands in the Sea of Abaco. Spirits weren't dampened too much and we enjoyed a few spirits with our lunch anyway!

Our friends, Rita and Robert, (Magnum Opus) took us, Jeff and Sandy too, for a car ride to Pete's Pub for lunch and later we all went beachcombing.

Games are now in full swing. Bocce Ball, MahJong, Rummycub, water aerobics,  and several other amusements keep us occupied during the day and by the evening we are normally ready to sit and relax quietly, BUT.....if we want night time action, that's readily available too.

I've taken several photographs but one camera broke earlier in the week and I've been using our backup camera, however that seems to have had a problem too. Consequently this week there are no pics. We'll hopefully have a camera working once we get home for the holidays. We can't wait to see the grandchildren.

Happy Holidays to you all.


Week Two:

'Tis the season, again! Already! Gosh, how time flies....and so have we, flown home that is, for the holidays. We spent a day or so getting the boat ready for our departure and now we are safely back at home we are making the house cosy for Santa and the grandchildren! They have changed so much in two months, it's scary. No longer babies but little ladies, yes Ladies, well mannered and gorgeous (OK....so what if I'm their grandma!). We are enjoying every minute of our time with them. Hannah had surgery the day after we arrived home so we took charge of the girls and they are so much more fun to be around now they're 3.

Our house on the other hand is not much fun. We have toilet troubles....must have followed us from the boat! The dishwasher needs replacing (no, not me). The yard is a mess and there are lots of little maintenance jobs that need to be taken care of, BUT it's darned cold up here in MD. So the outdoor stuff will just have to wait.

A new camera has been purchased so we'll get some pictures out soon.


Week Three:

Has another week gone by already?  It's been a busy time with Santa & elf hard at work building a puppet theatre for the girls. In between times we've been searching for a new dishwasher and a couple of beds. Hannah is recovering well and Vanessa has spent lots of time with the girls at their house.

We had special overnight guests this weekend - our babes came for their first sleepover (without mummy & daddy), and they were sooo good! We all had a wonderful time! Love this grand parenting stuff.

We have been perfecting our gaming skills, so all you Rummikub players in Marsh Harbour BEWARE, the Benjamins' (yes, both of them) now know how to play!

Visitors for sleepover.

The puppet theatre. Ready for Santa to deliver.


Week Four:

Time at the house is going fast. We have increased the rental sleeping capacity by opening up the 5th bedroom and we have been getting new beds into new locations and hope that this will increase our bookings in the coming year. Time will tell.

The weather has been kind with daytime highs in the upper 50 degrees. We continue to try and help Hannah and Bobby with the twins and we enjoy our time with them. This coming weekend is Christmas so we will try and take some photo's for next week.


Week Five:

Christmas was a lot of fun with the twins.  Andrew got dressed up twice, once for a photo "drinking the milk and munching cookies" and then he also made a personal appearance to deliver the main present to each of the girls the evening of Christmas day ..... having forgotten (purposely) to leave the main present the night before. See video here.  Hopefully we'll have a couple more years of fun with this, as long as Santa doesn't eat too many cookies.

We are busy prepping the house for the winter and enjoying spending precious time with the family. We bought a game of rummikub whilst here and the kids are hooked on it. Vanessa has been out visiting her friends and Hannah also took her out for a mother/daughter evening of shopping and fun.

The house is clean and we are heading back to the Abacos for the rest of the winter. Good news is that we'll see the family again in March for our son's wedding. Not too long to wait!


Santa having his milk and cookies

Two beauties

Andrew, Two Beauties, and Vanessa

Bobby and Hannah our hosts for Christmas Day

Champagne anyone?

The Family