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December  2012


Week One:

'Tis the season! December has arrived sooner than expected......does that make any sense?  We are so busy with the home refurbishing and maintenance tasks that we've completely forgotten about time. Andrew has spent a good deal of his time cleaning up the basement and making shelves for Mat  & Christine. I've continued with the sewing and slowly hobbling around doing some much needed housework. I've also begun PT for this silly ankle problem. Who would have thought a simple break could cause so much trouble. After 3 months there is still a lot of swelling and therefore limited mobility. I went swimming with Hannah this week and that was a help, although I was only in the pool for a short time. It took more time to undress and dress.

It's been a rough time for Hannah, her knee is giving her lots of trouble and she's had to have cortisone injections as a last resort before surgery. We hope it doesn't go to that!  Her outlet is her running and she's been unable to run for several weeks, so she's not a happy camper, and she was made less happy earlier in the week when she decided to get the girls hair cut (free to preschoolers) at a local department store. What a mess that was! She and the girls arrived at our house and she was fuming. The hairdressers' had butchered the girls long hair. She and I could have done a better job (and that's saying something). There was nothing for it than to take them to Hannah's hairdresser the following day for a "fix". The fix was wonderful and now we have three happy campers again. Thank heavens!

We popped down to the boat this week to check on it and at the same time we were able to meet up with our friends Jack & Sue (Seafood Searcher) whom we met in Abaco four years ago. We had a great time catching up and having lunch with them on the waterfront. We shall miss all our friends in the Bahamas this year, actually we are missing them already!

Now it's onto more projects....the kitchen table is next, and Mathew has a workbench he needs building. Will we ever get to go on an adventure this winter.............WHO KNOWS!

Andrew building shelves for Mathew.

Mathew helping out with his shelves

Windless repair ........ sheared off screw.

Windless refurbishment.

Vanessa and Jack

Andrew and Sue

The coffee table with its compass rose insert.

A visit from the Twins

New Haircuts with the Hairdresser.

Week Two and Three:

Projects continue ....... the Shower door is being replaced with new glass. Mathew, our son, put in a request for a workbench for his basement so most of the time has been spent in designing and building ...... and fitting his new workbench. He is very happy with the unit.  This week we are preparing for Christmas with the family. Andrew purchased an Ipad and loves it.

When Christmas is over we have some more projects planned. OMG! it never stops.


Mathew pleased with his workbench.

Week Four

This week we had a few more projects around the house and Christmas preparations too. It snowed on Christmas Eve which was a little bit magical. As usual we went to our neighbors house for cocktails.  We had a good crowd at our house for Christmas Day dinner. There were games at the dinner table with prizes, and then Santa came along with a little present for everybody. The girls are still a little unsure of Santa, but when they saw their "Batman" (go figure) pajamas in his sack they were happy campers. It is such fun being around them and we get to see them quite frequently now we are home. Sleepovers are a ball!

We have been dithering around figuring out what to do this winter once the projects are finished, and now we have decided and booked a trip to Panama for a month. So we are looking forward to some winter sunshine. Of course we have a wedding in Cabo to look forward to also.

A Happy 2013 to everybody.

Another project finished ....... the hard pelmets. Now for some R and R.

Snow on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day dinner.

Mary ... not sure if she wants to play?

Mat ........ big time winner

Santa and Brian


Oooh, who's this?

Chloe a little unsure!

Christine and Santa

The hard pelmets.