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December  2013 and January 2014


Week One:

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is over, we are now in the New Year. Gosh, time is flying by.  I am writing this with Wendy (our friend) in mind. She very kindly reminded me that we are still in our November issue and truthfully Wendy, and others who may read our little log, we have been so preoccupied with family events and home projects that we have neglected our journal. Thank you for getting us back on track! This journal is something we will look back on in old age (coming on a little too fast) and enjoy reminiscing about our active past.

So, where was I.......our holidays were quiet this year. Our grandchildren, now five years old, were much more excited about Christmas and Santa. In the past they were frightened but this time not so. The (rein) deer have been enjoying our yard this winter so when the girls saw deer poop and prints on our lawn they knew Santa had been there. Hilarious! Friends joined our small family group for dinner Christmas day and that was lovely, good conversation, games, log fire burning and festive food and beverages. Can't beat that.

Now the decorations are packed away, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and we are expecting an arctic freeze in a couple of days. Today we have freezing rain. Our holly tree has an abundance of berries this year and the deer and robins are having a feast. With snow on the ground we see the footprints of many critters and their droppings too! We've been out logging a few times but the last batch of wood is so damp it's not burning well. We shall have to change our tactics. We certainly don't want to purchase any when there are so many downed trees in the area, and the exercise is great. Well, not that great, but it is exercise and free heat when the wood is dry!

We are constantly working on the house. We just finished (maybe not quite) our living/dining room wainscoting project. It's an interesting look, but we are unsure of the color scheme and more work may need to be done, however for the time being it's is DONE. We both need a break from all the hard work.

Not sure what is in store for the next few weeks. We aim to keep warm and keep working!

Wishing all our family and friends a happy and healthy 2014.  Wendy, you're a gem!

Mathew, Hannah and the girls.

Wainscoting project.

Finished or not???? Decisions, decisions.

Deep freeze coming!


January, Week Two:

The weather so far this year has been quite extraordinary. We have experienced this past week extremely cold temperatures of 4 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chills making it zero. We finally warmed up to freezing, 32 degs, a couple of days ago and it felt quite warm. Now as I write the temps have gone up to the 50's and it is raining in bucket loads making for some serious flooding. Next week we are due for another blast of cold. Our wood pile is gone, so now the dreaded oil heating has to click in until we can get out for another logging session.

I mentioned last week that we had an abundance of berries on our holly tree. Well, HAD is the operative word. The robins have decimated the tree. The prickly leaves are all around the base of the trunk with nary a berry in sight! The animals and birds are having a tough time of it this winter but looking at the very large rabbit i saw under our deck, we'll be having lots of Easter bunnies in our yard this Spring. Nice to look at but a killer for my garden.

Andrew spent some time this week helping our son put chair rail in his house. Seems like they are on a roll! Our place one week, Mat's the next. I went to the senior center and played mahjongg with friends. Other than that there's not much happening. We are enjoying being at home and getting some of the projects taken care of. Both vehicles are giving us trouble and it really is time to replace the 24yr old van so we will concentrate on finding a replacement in the near future.

More news soon!

Birds with the berries

No berries left


Week Three/Four:

The Benjamins are in need of warmth and it appears we won't  be getting it for quite some time. The firewood is wet and not burning well and the temps are freezing, or well below freezing. We did have a 50 degree day and it was wonderful! This week we went to an auction and took our son with us. I think we have him hooked on it. That's good and bad as he does not have too much money to spend. Good because you can get real bargains at the right auction and bad because it's easy to overbid if you get excited and really want an item.  The main item we were interested in didn't come up for auction until the end of the day but we hung in there and got a really nice pseudo Georgian piece of furniture.

For a challenge, if you are in the mood, you can guess the price and email me to see if you guessed right! Contents not included and we will award a prize for the nearest guess to the price we paid.

It needed some TLC and some elbow grease but we are happy with the outcome and it fits in our living room really well. Andrew managed to bid on a lot of junk and he was able to turn it around the following day and make more money so we were happy with that too. It's been a long time since our auction days of youth and we are now getting back in the swing of things.

The weather is putting a damper on most of our activities but in a few days we are going to spend some time at our sons house and really get some projects done inside. This is an ideal opportunity for working on his house and there are no distractions because it is so cold outside. Get ready my boy, Mum and Dad are on their way!!

Our Yard after the snow.

The new cabinet from the auction room. This is the one for you to guess the price.

The unit to be replaced. Sold via Craigslist.