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February 2010


Week One:

The days and weeks are flying by. This past weekend we took the "Cash" cab ( in joke - thanks Robert) to New Visions Church to see "Shere Khan" perform, an A Cappella group from Princeton University. Click Here to see 4 min video. A great time was had by all. These youngsters are fantastic! The ride to the event was hilarious and we needed to have a "shout out" for one of the questions, so we stopped a couple in the street and who should it be but our friends Sue & Carl, also going to the show.

We seem to be keeping so busy that it's hard to remember where we've been or what we've done unless we write it up immediately....and that just ain't happening. Our boat troubles continue but we are slowly sorting things out, well, kinda! The chart plotter remains an unsolved mystery. A backup is on it's way and should arrive at the end of the week if our friends Mike & Donna can get out of the major snowstorm about to hit Maryland. The drinks will be waiting for you

We've had several days of poor weather, which is good when you have boat chores to do. Not so good when you have company. Now we are hoping for some nicer sailing days.

In the middle of the week our friends Bruce & Robbie from Treasure Cay stopped by with their friends, Andrew & Susie. Before they left us we arranged to take Andrew & Susie out later for some "treasure" hunting on the ocean beaches. Unfortunately Susie didn't make it but Andrew had a very good time rummaging through the debris and he went away with a suitcase load of JUNK! Whoops, pardon me - Treasure!


Andrew (the other one) beachcombing.

Andrew x 2

Great sailing day



Week Two:

Mike and Donna arrived on time (before Mike had a chance to unpack Andrew whisked him off for a game of Bocce Ball with the boys) and the drinks were waiting, but not for long. I think Mike must have been libation deprived before they left so he really made up for it Friday night at the pool bar. Of course the following morning it was slow going...and that was fine because the weather was not good for sailing. We strolled around town in the afternoon and purchased a "loaf of dough". Yes, the bakery here will sell you dough that's ready to put in the oven whenever you please, and it's delicious. In the evening we hiked over the hill to The Jib Room for their Saturday Steak Night and limbo entertainment. Carl and Sue from Windrose joined us for dinner.

On Sunday we were able to leave the dock in moderate winds and we had a fast sail across to Hope Town where we picked up a mooring ball and dinghied ashore for a day of sightseeing. We had lunch at the Lodge overlooking the ocean. David and Betty "Tar Heel" joined us for lunch and entertained us with some tales of local history. After a wonderful meal and a few Goombay Smashes (rum drinks) we thought we should get some exercise, so we walked up inside the lighthouse for a spectacular view. In the evening it was a short dinghy ride to Cap'n Jacks for a light meal and more importantly a seat to watch the Superbowl.

We left Hope Town in the morning and sailed back to the dock in time for Mike and Donna to shower and pack for their flight home. It was a very short getaway for them but we managed to make the most of it.

The rest of the week was taken up with repairing the cockpit enclosure canvas, monopoly, bocce ball, basket weaving and the usual chores. It's been chilly here but it's still paradise compared with what's been going on at home in Maryland. We seem to have missed an epic event! Keep warm and drive safely.

Bocce Ball

Hope Town Harbour

Jib Room - Mike, Andrew and Donna

Day sail with Mike & Donna

Mike and Donna in Hope Town.

I think I can see people on our beach. It's busy.

Lunch at Hope Town Lodge with David and Betty

Inside the lighthouse

Entrance to Lighthouse

Heavy Snow back at home. Bobby and Chloe

Baskets by Vanessa.


Week Three:

Not much to report this week...............more of the same! It's been cold and windy and we are firmly attached to the dock. The forecast for the weekend is good (well, better) and we hope to be able to cast off and pull out the rags. (That means "leave the dock and pull out the sails" for all you landlubbers).

On Saturday we took the ferry to Man O' War Cay for their annual flea market. It was a cold and breezy day (this is beginning to sound like a broken record!)  and the ride across the sea of Abaco was a little scary. Fortunately the captains of these ferry boats are well acquainted with adverse conditions and handle them admirably. We're so glad there was a rest room at the other end!!! The entrance channel to the harbor can be treacherous and we were amazed at the speed and skill used in getting us to our destination.

Andrew has been busy playing games (monopoly, bocce ball) all week and Vanessa has been at work recording and making more baskets and jewelry, and kayaking with the ladies.

The internet has been on and off, mostly off, and as it's our only means of communication we (the yacht club) are very frustrated. The office is sometimes full of cruisers waiting to use their hard wired machines. Of course we're "in the Bahamas Mon" so we are still waiting for a fix. So far it's only been temporary.

The week culminated with the Commodore's Ball. A Fiesta!


Ferry to Man O'War

Flea market

Vanessa kayaking.


Fiesta - Commodore's Ball with Fred & Sidonia

Judy, Mary and Frank

Senor Andrew and his date.

Monsignor Milt

Emery, Patti and Bill

Barbara, David and ?

Fred & Judy

Week Four:

Weather has improved and we have had several days out on the boat. 

Junkanoo was held on Saturday night (click here for a 3 min video). It was scheduled to begin at 8pm. However, we are in the Bahamas Mon! The party didn't begin until 10pm at which point we were almost ready to leave. We decided to wait it out and see last years winners, Treasure Cay, and are we glad we did. They arrived at midnight and put on a really splendid show. Apparently their costumes are broken down after each use and reconfigured for the next years events. Such an undertaking!

Andrew had a "Boys' Day Out" which focused on a rum sipping contest.......... not how much you could sip but the quality of the rum. The tasting was blind and six of us voted on the best three out of the eight (8) we had to taste.

Rum Prize Winners

1st          Zaya

2nd         Ron Zacapa

3rd         Anniverserio


Others Tasted

Flor De Cana      7 year old




Barcardi 8 year old.

The tasting lasted until about 4 p.m. when most of the judges went back to their boats for a sleep. Oh yes, it was a good day of sailing and slurping!

Whoops, spoke too soon......weather is deteriorating. Glad we're not at anchor in the harbor....see below. We may not venture South after all as the winds are behaving badly and are too fickle to trust. We want the adventure without the anxiety! We realize conditions will never be ideal but we do want to enjoy our trip. It's a wait and see game we're playing.

Later in the week we attended the People to People party held at the Governor's house. The event is sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and it was both informative and fun. Unfortunately it was a very cool (alright, COLD) evening so we didn't stay for all the festivities. 

Boys' day out.

Ahoy there Shearwater!


A rough ride in Marsh Harbour.

People to People event at the Governor's house.

Brrgh it's cold! Carl, Sue & a very chilled V.

Showtime at the Governor's house.