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February 2011


Week One:

The weather has been great here whilst the USA suffers from yet another snow storm and generally bad, nasty weather. Sunny, 75, light breeze and cool nights have been here for more than a week. Andrew is slowly recovering from his ills and is getting back to normal. The number of visits to the liquor store seem to be getting more numerous. That's a sure sign he's recovering!

On Wednesday we had the Club Veggie Car Race and with a heavy dose of rum punch, Andrew's car made it to the finals but then was beaten. Click here for a short video of the race.

Another day we went out in the boat to clear the head and low and behold, after spending $1500 to fit and supply a new type of pump ......... it failed. Andrew took it apart as we slowly sailed along, and cleared the problem so then we were back in business. It did put a damper on our trip out, but not for too long.

On Thursday, Vanessa, Karen and Susan went out in Susan's sailboat "Summer Song". A girls adventure! To be sure it was! They came home with all sorts of treasures from the beach. Andrew stayed home relaxing.

On Friday Andrew went down to Pete's Pub & Bronze Works with friends to watch them pour bronze into a number of castings. Very interesting and a great day. It was Vanessa's turn to stay at Boat Harbour and have a quiet day to herself.

Let's hope the weather stays this good. It's so much warmer than this time last year.

Veggie Entries

Tally Ho's car - with the umbrella and radish race driver!

Let the games begin.

Susan & V. at Spoil Cay

Bronze Works. Pete's Pub.

What's this? Roger and yours truly.


Week Two:

The weather continues to be good. It's been another busy week at ABR. We have taken Tally Ho out for a couple of day sails with guests and also enjoyed some time around the resort pool. Vanessa has been making "stuff" from seeds, shells and pine needles whilst Andrew nags about storage! Yes, we're having fun in Abaco. We had our crossing friends, Vince and Linda, for dinner one night and we played bridge, or should I say tried to play bridge! Linda gave Vanessa some good training.

We're not sure of the significance......but we had a "Thanksgiving Dinner" at the resort on Feb 9th. Perhaps they were giving thanks to the RMHYC because we seem to be the only folks in town. The hotel remains almost empty but the marina is 75% full.

On one of our sailing trips we trolled a line off the stern of the boat and caught a large mutton snapper which we later filleted and ate for supper. Yummy!


Our biggest catch on our boat. Mutton Snapper.

Jane, Georgia, George and Dennis - along for a day sail.

Dennis - the human whisker pole.


Week Three:

The weather continues to be so much better than last year. We have taken the boat out for many day sails with friends. Vanessa has had some work this week so we stayed in port for two days.

Mid-week we had a cool, cloudy, breezy day, so Vanessa and Karen went off for a treasure hunt by car. They had a great day and found lots of "stuff" on the Atlantic beaches: sea beans, shells, sea glass, wood, and the list goes on! And on, and on!!!!

The Club put on a seminar this week to cover going South. This was well attended and most informative, however we are both concerned about leaving the comforts of the Abacos and heading into the remote islands of the South. The main worry is anchoring for the night with heavy seas and strong winds. Yes, we are getting soft and enjoy the creature comforts of a safe harbor! This year the weather where we are seems to be better than in the Exumas. That is not the norm!  Anyway, We will see......


Rick and Diane come along for a day sail.

Roger (Teamwork) motors alongside us.

Karen (Premium Time) collecting valuable trash.

Vince (Fortnight) did a great job for a briefing on going south.

Week Four:

We seem to be repeating ourselves ..... Weather is still great.

 It's been another busy week starting with the Commodore's Ball which had an Hawaiian theme.

Next was "Fishing Fun Day". A great opportunity for the fishermen from the club to show their skills. Six boats went out and brought back a fine selection of fish for the fish fry tasting that evening.

Then we had a day sail in fine weather. We also spent a night away in Hopetown and rented a golf cart to explore the island.

On Thursday we drove Emery and Patti to the airport at Marsh Harbour and then drove their car to their apartment in Treasure Cay where we stayed for a few days. We were warmly welcomed to the neighborhood and had a busy few days sightseeing, visiting friends and making new ones. It was a great refreshing break. We even took a drive North to Fox Town (the end of the road). Nothing there, so that can be ticked off the bucket list!

The Commodore's Ball

On our way to the Ball

Vince and Linda

Rita and Bob

Busy cleaning the fish for the club Fish Fry

Some of the fish caught on "The Fish for Fun" day.

Fish Fry evening

Day sail with Karen and crew

Neil. - first time on Sailboat.

Hopetown transportation.

Hopetown lighthouse from our boat.

In the water ...... at last.

Jane, Robbie and Vanessa at Pizza night at Treasure Cay

Patti and Emery's house that we used for several days

Tom, Scott and Mary Lynn

Brad and Karen at dinner.