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February 2012


Week One:

The weeks zoom by and some of the fun projects have come to fruition - painting and knitting.  Linda on Fortnight taught a wonderful watercolor class and within two weeks all of her students had beautiful pictures to display. What a great teacher she is.  The ongoing boat projects seem to have been pushed aside for the time being.......I wonder why!


It's been too windy to take the boat out, but we did leave the harbor to empty the two holding tanks and what d'ya know (you guessed it) .... BOTH of the pumps had problems. Eventually we got them working, but it seems that every time we do this it becomes a "crap shoot" (so to speak) as to if the units will work.  Now we are good for another week or two. It's a good thing because the weather forecast for this coming week is not too good either. Looks like we'll be firmly attached to the dock for a few days.

Vanessa's first attempt at water colors.

Vanessa has finished her new sweater.

Jim (Fenders) with his catch of the day.

The painting class graduates with Linda (Fortnight) at the helm.

Linda and Vince (Fortnight) with their gift certificate in hand.

Week Two:

The weather has changed a little and it has been overcast for a few days. We hope it will not last long. On the TV news we hear that Miami has been having rain for several days.

Sunday we had a Super Bowl party with lots of food, drink and fun. We were hoping New England would win ...... maybe another year. The gift of a marquis (courtesy of Charlie and Rose, Chapter Five) has been a blessing at the picnic tables.

Later in the week we saw a break in the weather so we took an afternoon sail with guests Justin and Wendy (visitors on Lady Di) and we went down south for the afternoon. Weather was great and we had lots of laughs.

On Thursday, Brian (Roving Seas), drove us down to his and Jan's recently purchased house. What a lovely tranquil setting! We had lunch at Pete's pub and spent the afternoon enjoying the views over the harbor whilst Brian tested some new paint for the exterior walls and got his TV installed. It was a relaxing and interesting day.

Superbowl party on the dock with sooooo much food.

Charlie's tent had 2 TV's installed for the evening.

Justin and Wendy (Daughter of "Lady Di")

Vanessa at the old Light house at Little Harbor.

View from Jan and Brian's house at Little Harbor.

View of Jan and Brian's house at Little Harbor.


Week Three:

Every week there's an event or two and this week's big bash was the Commodore's Ball. The theme was "The Great Gatsby" and it was a happening thing at the RMHYC speakeasy. So many  wonderful 1920's costumes! Great food and great company. This club really knows how to party.

Andrew has been wandering about all week taking videos of many of the club activities. Meanwhile I've been participating in most of the activities. Midweek, the girls (Linda G., Terry, Sandie, Judie and yours truly) went on an excursion, via car, in search of the famous Abaco parrot. We spied four parrots but were unable to catch them on camera, however, we did find a snake (most rare in these parts) sunning itself at Casuarina Point. On Thursday we turned the boat into a taxi and took some friends out to a new restaurant (Firefly) on Elbow Cay. The ambience was great and the view, lovely. Later in the week we took some more friends out for a day sail.  The weather has been beautiful most of the week. We couldn't go out much though because we were involved in meetings and other club events.


An unusual sighting on the beach.

Linda and A. on the way to lunch.

Vince, Jeff and Sandy

Firefly restaurant on Elbow Cay

Who is this?

Cocktail hour at the speakeasy.


Our friends from TC, Liz, Tom and MaryLynn

David & Bette

George and Jane.

V & Linda

A & Vince

Milt & Ginny

Kathy & Kenny

Karen & Brad from TC

Joe & Julia

Week Four:

We have had another sunny, busy week. Andrew continues to swim every day in an effort to lose some weight, however we think the cocktail hour every night is working against him.  Vanessa is never home (aboard)...always doing activities, physical and sedentary. This is the life!

Midweek we were invited to a private party at Wally's restaurant sponsored by Doug Fey (an RMHYC club member). Then the next day the Tourist Board held a "People to People" party for the folks that stay here all winter, however that turned out to be a bit of a disaster since they only had one bartender and about 200 guests. We didn't stay long and decided to go back to the boat and have drinks aboard. We've been blessed by having good friends who like to go fishing so dinner was grouper. Trigger fish tomorrow and maybe wahoo in a day or two. Keep on fishing guys!

Everything is working on the boat at this time, so let's keep our fingers crossed. We had the AC on the other night since it was rather humid. The signs of Spring are here, the flowers are flourishing and the birds are singing. It's a good time to be in Abaco.


Week Five:

Weather is still good, however we are expecting some nasty weather ahead!  We think we'll stay at the dock and hunker down for a few days. The yacht club had a fish fry one evening and it was supposed to be a sampling...well, they caught enough for dinner and a fun time was had by all. We had grouper, conch, trigger, wahoo and mahi mahi. Our fishermen did a splendid job of not only catching but also cooking our dinner. Later that night we walked into town to see Junkanoo. The costumes were very well done and although it was not as good a show as in the past it rounded out the evening nicely.

Midweek,  guess what! Another party.....this time it was a private yacht club function at the Jibroom with limbo and dancing.

We took a boat trip or two this week also and enjoyed visiting with our friends at Treasure Cay, snorkeling, and then riding across to Lubber's Landing for lunch aboard Teamwork.

Another week has flown by and before we know it we'll be planning our journey North again.

Fish Fry on Dock 7


Cocktail hour ........ or two

The Yacht club party at the Jib Room

Fenders, Last Dance and Seafood Searcher at the Jib Room for Steak.

Vanessa at the Jib room doing Limbo

Roger aboard Teamwork.

Pat, Mary, Van, Paddy.....with "Lime Mary's" in hand....delish

Mike & Roger at Lubber's Landing.