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February 2014


Week One & Two:

Here we are again and my apologies for being so tardy. The reason for the delayed updates is that we have been very busy for a couple of weeks and it looks like we’ll continue in that vein for a while. That is both good and bad. Good because we are working and being productive, bad because we are working and not playing!

At the end of January we had guests at the house for two weeks, so we moved in with our son (poor boy) and camped out (literally, on airbeds) there for the duration. Whilst there we put ourselves to work on several projects. Now, we are not professionals by any means but after carefully searching the web for information, purchasing the right tools for the job, and asking those who know what to do we managed to accomplish quite a bit, and the overall look of the refurbishment is quite good…..WE THINK!

We began by finding a secondhand vanity and sink for the bathroom. After lots of scrubbing and polishing it came up well and was fitted without any trouble. Andrew is not a plumber (but he can look like one! TMI) and this was the first time there was no leak to be found after one of his plumbing repairs/fittings. Next on the list was a new kitchen floor and paint job. The flooring was laid over the existing old nasty stuff and it went down easily for the most part, but cutting out all the corners and misshaped angles was a challenge. The walls were painted and baseboard fitted and painted too.

 Of course we did take a day or two off to rest and recharge. We visited our girls and went to their first gymnastics class. That was a hoot! We went to the auction rooms again, more fun for Mathew, and he bought some more quality copper pans for his kitchen. We saved our money this time but not for long. Mathew took us to the DC car show and that filled us with ideas. We took another day off and bought ourselves a replacement vehicle for our 25 year old van. We had almost made up our minds we were going to get a truck but after going to the show we decided a Dodge Grand Caravan would suit our needs more, so that has been ordered and is on the way.

Our final task in Mats house (for now) was the staircase. It was in pretty bad shape, rough wood and glued on carpet treads with open and enclosed stairs. We bought some carpet and recovered the entire step not only giving it a smarter appearance but a much warmer feel.

Now we are at home and working on our house.  It's a never ending job. We are also expecting a big storm this week so we are saving our wood and hoping it will be dry enough to give some warmth. Our temps have been below freezing for weeks it seems.

Roll on Spring!


Open Stairs

Solid stairs

Kitchen floor

Week Three and Four:

The weather still controls our news. It's so cold and we have seem to have snow on the ground forever. It melts a little and then we get more snow ............. hopefully March will be the turn around month.

Vanessa has a friend who plays mahjong with her and she has a large yard with lots of downed trees so before the next storm we will go logging in her backyard.

We continue to help Mathew with his house and we all enjoy going to the auctions. Mat bought a bed for the spare room, rugs for here, there and everywhere, lamps, and an assortment of trinkets. Not much money spent and lots of goodies to mess about with.