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February 2015


Home! Oh dear, that was a big mistake to leave Florida. It has done nothing but snow since we got here and the temperatures have been below freezing for most of the month. We did get a couple of "semi thaw" days, but that only produced two inches of ice on our front path and frozen downspouts. 

The only nice thing about being home was visiting with the family and friends. We got to see our 6 yr old grandchildren play indoor soccer, and it was hilarious. Certainly brought back old memories. Their antics on the ice skating rink were also fun. 

We have used this home bound time to clear out unused items, stuff and junk from every room in the house. Of course we still have plenty more to do, but we've made a start. We also spent just over two weeks reupholstering our boat salon cushions, 33 pieces in all and all of different dimensions. This was quite a project but the finished product is much better than we expected. We are now excited about taking the cushions back to the boat. Goodness knows when that will be. Hurry up Spring! The boat is still for sale, but if it doesn't sell then we'll be able to enjoy the newly refurbished salon.

Vanessa has been busy trying to get PICKLEBALL going at our local recreation centre. We've found somewhere in MD to play, but they only play on Wednesday and that conflicts with mahjongg. Andrew hurt his leg in FL playing a little too early after TKR surgery so he's helping set up the nets and is advising on advertising materials etc. We played our first game last Tuesday! Fingers crossed this will take off in a big way soon. We have the equipment and facility but more bodies are needed. 

The logs we collected, split, and sawed up all summer have now been used and the white stuff continues to fall. Time to turn up the heat and watch the $$$$ disappear. 

Spring come out wherever you are!