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January 2007

Our year has started with our first trip south of the equator. We took a trip to Chile in South America and then took a cruise boat around the southern tip of South America and then up to Argentina.

The trip was cold .... especially since it was their summer. We visited some interesting places and saw many Penguins.

Andrew took us for a flight over the Beagle Channel Click here for a video.

Then we went out to see Cape Horn. Click here for a video.

We also went out to lunch at a farm in Argentina Click here for a video. .



Photo of pretty port in Chile

Boats in the harbor of PUERTO MONTT

Vanessa keeping warm.


This was taken in the Beagle Channel


Taken in the Falkland Islands


A great example of English house ...but with a tin roof.


The Post Office in Stanley


Guard at the Government building.