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January 2008

Week One:

New Years Eve was spent at the local bar. We cycled there and back so we were wide awake when we finally got back to the boat.  New Years day arrived with a roar! It was blowing 30 knots and freezing cold (by Marathon standards). The following few days were the same. We had to put the heat on much to our chagrin. It was tough trying to sleep with the waves slapping (more like beating) against the hull all night. Thank heavens we are in a dock and not on the mooring balls or worse, at anchor. 

We really haven't been out much this week due to the weather. So we have been working on the boat - see "Generator Girl" below. We've also been finalizing our insurance for the Bahamas, getting quotes for a full cockpit enclosure and generally getting things in order ready for our departure next month to New Zealand. We bought the Bahamian navigation charts and flags, so it looks like we're going! We have decided to utilize Andrews sewing skills and make our own enclosure. Have to watch the pennies these days!  We shall be going home for a week at the end of the month in preparation for our five week NZ trip. Time Flies!

Mathew, this note is for you......the vacuum turns on at the handle. Dusters are under the sink. See you very soon!!!


New years Eve at the local.

Staying warm inside during a really cold spell.

It's cold in here and I'm grumpy!

Vanessa is the Generator service girl.

Trying to fillet the snapper....not much left of it! Thank goodness there were five of them.



Week Two:

The week has gotten off to a rough start. Andrew fell on the dock last Friday and really bruised his ribs. He was not too bad until Monday evening and then he became rapidly worse, vomiting all night and in excruciating pain. So we rushed to the emergency room first thing Tuesday morning. We spent an interesting day at the Fisherman's Hospital, and after a healthy dose of morphine and a couple of CT scans they sent us on our way, pain prescriptions in hand. No real damage was found, thank goodness.

So here we are at the end of the week and haven't accomplished anything much. However, we had a very pleasant surprise when Bill and Anna Marie of "Sunshine" arrived at the boat Wednesday night with their guests,   & Ed. We had an enjoyable evening catching up and Andrew laughed a little too much for his own good!

A slow week with not much to report and therefore few pictures!


The Captain resting at the Dockside bar where we are staying!

View from the front of the boat over to the Golf Club.

View from the back of the boat, overlooking the mangroves.

Vanessa and neighbor, Sharon, fishing aboard Sharon's boat.

Captain and crew.

In the dink.



Week Three:

Gosh the weeks go by fast. Not much to report this week other than the Captain is still suffering and the crew may not be able to take much more!

First task of the week was to clean the underside of the dinghy. What a mess that was! One month in the water and all sorts of creatures and plants were thriving on the bottom. Distilled vinegar worked wonders.....thanks go to Skipper Bob.

We are now working on the full cockpit enclosure and it's rather a large task. So not much time for fun stuff. The weather is back into the 80's and humid so that's making it a little tough too. (Am I complaining too much?) We love the weather, but not when we have to work in it.

Our neighbor Sharon took us to the fishing charter boat store where Dave, her husband works. Dave gave us a grand tour of the place. We saw the boats come in with the catch and it was fun to see the fishermen filleting the customers fish. The pelicans enjoyed it too!

Hannah came down for dinner Thursday night. She was in Miami on business and decided to pop in and see us. We had a lovely evening together.

Friends, Dave and Cynde on "Suddenly" loaned us their car for a few hours so we could stock up on drinks for our trip to the Bahamas in March. Shortly after that "Suddenly" left the area to continue on their adventure.

We are now getting ready to haul the boat next week and leave her on the hard for 7 weeks, whilst we go sightseeing in New Zealand. What a life! We are looking forward to our trip although it will be hard to leave the boat. We are enjoying our life aboard and are anxious to start the next adventure in the Bahamas on our return.

A month in the water!

Captain at work.

Sharon with Pappy.

Feeding time

Filleting the catch.


"Suddenly" leaving Sombrero.

Week Four:

This is the week that we put the boat on the hard and head home for the preparation for our trip to New Zealand.

Cocktail parties and farewell parties have kept us very busy.

On Wednesday we moved the boat from the Marathon Harbor to a small marina on the Gulf side. It was just great to get out on the water again. The boat was hauled and put into the corner of the marina where Vanessa got down into the rear lazeret and did a very professional job on patching up the small leak that we have had for the last 6 months. Lets hope when we're launched we will have solved the problem. We did a lot of cleaning and prep work for the 8 week hiatus. Both of us are somewhat upset to be leaving ....... however the plans to go to New Zealand were made over 12 months ago and tickets and accommodations are all booked, and now we are getting excited about this new adventure.

We stopped by the Customs house in Ft. Lauderdale and met with a custom's officer to get registered for the Local boater program that only requires us to "Check In" by telephone when we return from the Bahamas.

The flight back from Ft. Lauderdale became quite interesting when we had to return to the gate to get the engine lubed and then when we eventually took off we had to land again with all sorts of emergency equipment on the runway. Anyway, we did get home after they found another plane.


Ready to be hauled.

Up she comes and we see how the bottom is.

Pat at the Flock reunion.

Anna Marie and Sigi - cocktail hour

Ray Joe and the Admiral

Last night at the Bar

William, Cathy, Joe and Judy

William and Judy were slip neighbors on a IP and Joe and Cathy were in a trawler "Knot Rich".

Arrival home and the Admiral gets a good wash!

Time for a haircut - before

After - should be easy from now on!

Visiting Hannah and Bobby with our baby!