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January 2011

Week One:

The new year came and went without us noticing! We must be getting old.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in Maryland and we are looking forward to the warmth and relaxation of the Bahamas. Of course we miss our grandchildren and we know they will have changed considerably by the time we see them next. That's one of the bad things about our adventures, we don't see enough of the family.

Whilst in MD, Hannah and Bobby were very busy preparing to move out of their house. They didn't have a new one to move into, but as the days went by they found their dream home and have put a contract on it. It has been rather a stressful time for them as transactions did not run smoothly (they rarely do). Hopefully all is on track now and they will be in their new home soon and can relax a little.

When we arrived at the airport at 4:30am with our carry on bags and a box with boat stuff, we were told there was an embargo on boxes and under no circumstances could we check a box. Andrew made quite a scene and I thought the police may come running in, but after calming down he handed over the money for an AA duffle bag in which to pour our stuff! The rest of the day went smoothly.

Since arriving back at Boat Harbour we have been on the go constantly. There are lots of new faces on the docks and since our departure some of our old friends have arrived. The reunions are great. The weather is cool and breezy so it's time for games and crafts, and of course the inevitable boat repairs.

Vanessa and Sidonia playing pickle ball.

Week Two:

Can't believe another week has flown by! It's been cloudy and cool for most of the time so we've only ventured out on the water a couple of times. One of the trips was aboard Jack & Sue's "Seafood Searcher" sport fish. We had a great day trolling in the ocean. Unfortunately the fish weren't biting much but we managed to hook a substantial wahoo that Vanessa reeled in. Tough and exciting work! Most importantly, DELICIOUS!

The annual Chilli Cook-off was this week and chef Andrew made a huge batch of the stuff. Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but a good time was had by all and Andrew enjoyed the open bar!. Vanessa helped sell the club regalia at the event so both of us were kept busy.


Abaco Beach Resort

Treasure hunting

Aboard Seafood Searcher

A bite! Sue and Judy instructing the newbie.

Captain Jack and Vanessa's haul......Wahoo!

Jack of all trades!

Week Three:

We have been busy this week entertaining or being entertained. The weather cooperated somewhat and we managed to get out for a couple of day sails with friends. When it was too rough to sail we went treasure hunting or played games. When the wind was light we went fishing. There was also a great party this week hosted by Doug Fey at his home, Slipaway. It's always busy at Boat Harbour. In fact it can be so busy that occasionally we long for a day of rest. It's a great lifestyle and we feel so fortunate that we are physically able to do it. Many of our cruising friends have suffered with ill health this year and we miss their presence and wish them all well soon. 

A note about one of the pictures: The large yacht showing a full sized zebra on the top deck (there were many other animals on the lower decks) pulled into the harbour for a couple of days. It's name is "Mystere". Look it up on the web to see some fascinating facts about it and it's past owner! Interesting reading.


Karen, treasure hunting with Vanessa.

Vanessa tastes Andrew's first attempt at homemade Pizza.

Day out with Roger.

Roger steers the boat close to the sunken barge where one can spot a variety of fish.

New Yacht arrives with Zebra on the top deck.

Day sail again whilst the weather holds. Karen tucking into lunch.

Roger (Teamwork) and Sue (September Song) join us for day sail.

Dave and Karen (Premium Time) enjoying Doug and Rhonda's party.

Music man at Doug and Rhonda's party

Andrew with his new best friend- The barman.

Vanessa - with her new best friend - the other barman.

Mary Lou, Diane, John and Rita dancing the afternoon away.

Andrew & Judy discussing winning strategy in Bocce Ball.

Brian did a great job supervising the Bocce Ball weekly competition.

Joan ready for the rain during the first half of our day sail

Day sail with Robert and Wally.

Andrew getting a thank you for providing a great rum punch.

Fishing with Capt. Jack and Sue.

Vanessa holding the first catch of the day.


Week Four:

Well, where does all the time go? Another week has whizzed by. One evening was spent with the yacht club attending a meatloaf dinner at 'Jamie's" restaurant, the local hangout. We filled the place and that thrilled the owners who are having a tough time with the economy. It's tough everywhere, but here in Abaco it's probably more noticeable. Tourism is their draw and there's nobody around except the cruising crowd, and there are fewer of us this year.

Another good night was had at the Arts in the Park function. Vanessa bought a memento made of Poisonwood from one of the local artists, and enjoyed wining and dining with all the attendees. Unfortunately Andrew has had rather a bad week. It started with a large red swollen rash on his leg. We went to the Dr. in town and were told he had stasis dermatitis among other things. After a course of antibiotics it appears to be getting better. Then he came down with a nasty cold and is in bed sleeping as I write.....it's day two of the cold, most unlike him to be in bed for so long!  Of course the weather is perfect now!  Isn't it always the way!

We did take friends, Jack & Sue, out one day for a sail and dinghy ride to an immaculate marina with not a soul around. It's a private island (Matt Lowes) and has magnificent grounds and slips, none of which have been sold. The only life there are the caretakers.

Hoping for good health and better weather next week!