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January 2012

Week One:

We flew back to the boat on New Years Eve and got into some nice weather. Temperature was perfect .... not too hot and cool at night. However on Tuesday there was a gale and Marsh Harbor took a beating with most of the boaters not being able to get off their boats. One person actually was sea sick at their slip in the harbor. By contrast, we in Boat Harbor got a little bounce but it was not uncomfortable. To see video click here.

Once the wind dropped on Thursday the Pickle Ball crew started up again. Andrew, on Friday joined the team of RMHYC members that had volunteered to build a new dingy dock for the cruisers in Marsh Harbor. The last dingy dock was at the end of it's life and Hurricane Irene finished it off.  See the photo's below. We will see if it floats next week.

The weather towards the end of this week was perfect.


Vanessa being interviewed for local TV News with regard to the windy day.

Windy Day in Marsh Harbor

Pickle Ball starts up again

Step one of Building a new dingy dock for the cruising boats in Marsh Harbor.

Step two

Step 3 and ......

Time for cocktails and finish off on Saturday ........ Will it Float??? See next week.

Week Two:

On Saturday the dock was completed and launched, then towed around to Marsh Harbour for installation. Once the dock was launched Andrew headed back to the boat and we nipped out for a couple of nights at anchor since the weather was so good. We ended up anchoring next to "Diva" and the girls went ashore for some beachcombing. The following night we were joined by Fortnight and we all had afternoon tea aboard Tally Ho. How civilized is that! OK, cocktails followed shortly thereafter.

It's been glorious weather albeit a little too cool for swimming in the ocean, however the pool has been delightful. We are doing water aerobics several days a week, and of course many other activities.  This week we had an evening party to attend, the " Age of Aquarius" party......what a hoot that was. This is a fun group (RMHYC) to be around and we certainly had a blast. Andrew seems to be very friendly with one of our neighbors! Is another side of him emerging I wonder????



Linda & Vince(Fortnight) Margaret and Ben (Diva) came over to our boat for afternoon tea.

Andrew having a quiet evening.

Diva with a full moon setting.

The finished dinghy dock.

Firmly affixed to the wall.

Andrew on the dinghy dock.

Weather has just been perfect and the pool is heated.

Andrew and Roger on the way to the party.

Mary, Vanessa and Sidonia

Vanessa and Linda

Vince and Linda





Week Three:

The weather continues to be kind to us. Sunny days and cool nights. Water aerobics, Mahjong, Monopoly, and water color painting occupies most days, cocktails at 5 p.m.and dinner at 6.30p.m. and bed at 9.

Our battery charger was making a loud noise, so we took it apart and got the dust out of it and put it back together and then it would not work. After several hours of investigation we discovered that we had blown a fuse ........ and a replacement could not be located on the Island. However, we swapped out a "Non Essential" similar fuse and we are back in business. Friends due to come into the Harbor in a couple of weeks are going to bring a replacement.

Water Aerobics start the day off.

The boys enjoy the game of Monopoly with much conversation.

The girls enjoy the game of Mahjong.

Linda (Fortnight) has been teaching "Painting with water colors"


Week Four:

The weather still is good. Once or twice we have nearly turned on the air conditioning. We decided to visit our friends at Treasure Cay for the weekend. On the way there Vanessa (Hawkeye) found a dinghy washed up on the rocks. Earlier in the day a cruiser had broadcast on the Net that they had lost their dinghy. They were ecstatic when the "find" turned out to be their boat. After our little adventure we continued on to TC, where we indulged in cocktails on the docks with friends and new acquaintances. Then we finished the evening with a great dinner at Emery and Pattie's condo (Ex - Honeywind).

Midweek we went for a day sail with more friends and it was a wonderful motorless sail all the way to one of our favorite lunch spots.

Activities abound and we hardly see each other some days.  Vanessa has finished two projects this week, knitting and watercolors. Now she has to think of something else to play with!

We are truly lucky with our lifestyle.


Vanessa enjoying the trip to Treasure Cay ..... Oh what a sailor.

Cocktails on the Dock at Treasure Cay Marina

Brad and Emory at Cocktails

Sue (Seafood Searcher) enjoying the day sail.

Fred (Shearwater) at the helm on day sail.