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January 2013

Weeks One & Two:

The New Year was ushered in without fanfare…at least that’s the way it was at our house. By nine thirty the lights were out and the Benjamins' were nicely tucked up in bed. Oh dear, we are getting old! 

There really has been nothing special to write about this week. Well I amend that, it's always special when we get together with the children and that's just what we did at Hannah's house one evening for a family dinner. It's a rare occasion for us all to be available at the same time.

We have been busy logging and trying to keep warm. Major house projects are slowing down and even though there are plenty of projects that still need doing we are losing interest and they aren't essential at this point. We are more focused on having fun now. In a couple of weeks we head to Mexico for a family wedding and then a week after we return the suitcases will be packed again for the trip to Panama. We have the Spanish language CD's and we are working on our accents!

Soon the boat will be in the water again, so now we must concentrate on canvas repairs and boat maintenance. There's plenty there to keep us busy.

Adios for now!


Family Dinner at Hannah's

Week Three.

We have had a busy week with Vanessa looking after the Twins whilst Hannah was away on a training course. Andrew went over to Mathew's to help install a new floor in the cloakroom and lobby. At this time of year Mat's work is spasmodic so he has time to become "Harry Homeowner".

Next week we head to Cabo in Mexico for a 5 days wedding. Oh the warmth!!

Mat and Christine's downstairs bathroom with the new floor installed.

After a hard days work.


Week Four.

Projects have started slowing down so we took a break this week and went to have lunch with old friends Joe and Sigi who we met 5 years ago on our first trip on the boat going south. Both of them look good we had a lovely lunch on Kent Island. The weather sucks but we are looking forward to the trip to Mexico next week.

Joe Vanessa and Sigi