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July  2009

Week One:

The week started with a bang. We went home for a baby shower for our neighbor's son and his wife. It was fun to see all the neighbors again and Ellen gave a great party. The following day Vanessa prepared for company and Andrew drove back to the marina for another quiet week aboard, with Vanessa staying at home for a few days to be with the grandchildren and Pat (Reflection), whilst Pat visited her daughter. It was a very busy few days for the girls. They played with the twins, visited Mathew's workplace and beautified the yard. Andrew stayed on the boat doing some of the chores.

Pat brought with her a carved "Tally Ho" sign that her son had had made in Indonesia for us. It's beautiful and it's now in prime position on the main bulkhead. THANK YOU  JAMIE! 

Biggest job of the week was replacing the hull window that had been badly scratched ever since we purchased the boat.

On Wednesday we drove Pat to the airport in Baltimore and we both went back to the boat. It's strange but we both sleep better on the boat than back at the house????

Pat helping feed Kendall. She's a pro!

Andrew getting the new carved Tally Ho sign from Jamie - son of Pat and Ray (Reflection).

Tally Ho sign now on the bulkhead.

Old window coming out.

Mathew's restaurant at Whiskey Creek.

Mathew's herb garden!

Week Two:

It's been another hectic and fun week visiting friends and family and running all over the place. We began with a road trip to visit our friends Fran & Larry on Kallista, and Dave on Canvasback Too. We had a really nice get together at their marina in the Middle River.

We saw the July 4th fireworks at our dock in the Inner Harbor. A great place to view the spectacle. With good weather forecast (at last) we decided to head out in the boat and visit more friends also up in the Middle River area. We spent our first night in Rock creek off the Patapsco river. Andrew was able to get his good deed in for the day by towing a sailboat back to it's slip. He enjoyed using the new (to us) dinghy, and motor (also new to us). He spent the rest of the evening speeding up and down the creek to see how fast he could go! Next day we moved on. LoQueSea (Gene & Judy) and Terralee (Terry & Dave) are at the same marina so we anchored a little way up the creek and dinghied in to see them. Puffin is also there but they were not at home.  We enjoyed a cocktail aboard LoQueSea and got to see all the great alterations they've made to their living space.

Our trip back to our marina the following day was not good. The winds were fickle and gusty and we decided to anchor just off the marina until the weather calmed down enough for us to attempt a reverse docking. (Those of you with sailboats will appreciate the difficulty of reversing into a dock, even in the best of conditions.) Well, the anchor dragged and we picked it up with a cable attached! Finally freed of the cable, we pulled alongside the T-dock to wait until late evening to get safely back home!

Later in the week we went home and Vanessa babysat the girls for a couple of days. Exhausting work for an ol' girl, but so lovely to spend time with them and see them grow before your eyes. Andrew sold the old outboard engine to a guy in Texas and spent his time figuring out how to pack and ship the thing! Of course he mowed the lawn too......can't wait to get back aboard. Hmmm, I wonder why!

To see the latest baby pics go to the grandchildren link under "About Us".



Andrew towing a poor soul. Notice our new dink!

Dave on Canvasback Too.

Lo Que Sea out for a spin.

Judy showing LoQueSea's new layout.


Week Three:

The weeks are starting fly by. We arranged to meet Anna Marie and Bill (Sunshine) over in Worton Creek on Sunday so we had a great sail over on Saturday and anchored out Saturday night. Sunday morning we pulled up to the public  dock and waited for B & A to arrive. We had an enjoyable lunch aboard and left shortly after. It was great to catch up with them and hear all the latest news. Our sail back to Baltimore was not as good as the day before. NOAA got the winds wrong yet again!

On Monday we went for an evening sail around Baltimore Harbor. Buck and Haldine (Darling), whom we met in Marsh Harbour last winter, and Rick (Makeitso) came along.

Later in the week we went home so Vanessa could babysit. We shall be spending a fair amount of time on land during the next month or so.  


The Worton Creek anchorage.

Anna Marie and Bill (Sunshine) over for lunch and a good chat.

Traffic at the Key Bridge Baltimore on our way back from Worton Creek

Rick -ready to come about on an evening sail.

Buck (Darling) out for an evening sail.

Haldine (Darling) enjoying her first sail.

Week Four:

Our duties as babysitters have almost become full time. However, this precious time together with the grandchildren will compensate for the winter months when we will be away.

Andrew had the weekend alone in Baltimore and went to the Artscape Festival.

Henry and Marianne (who live in London) stopped by Damascus to see Mathew on a trip around the USA.

A Brazilian tall ship in the harbor in Baltimore.

Vechicle in the Artscape Festival.

And another

Need a camera to take a picture.

Game of soccer at the Festival.

Here's trouble.

Andrew on entertaining duty.

Henry, Marianne and Mathew.


Week Five:

We are still on land. Andrew went back to the boat for the weekend and went sailing with Rick and Linda on Makeitso. He also had a look around an Australian frigate (HMAS BALLARAT) docked in the harbour. Rejuvenated, he returned for a 2nd week of babysitting. Vanessa spent the weekend at home sewing hatch covers and cleaning the house.

This week has been easier. Kendall, who had a hard time with teething the week before is now back to her normal self and is content. Chloe just seems to smile all the time, but she's the active one and can't seem to sit still. They may look the same but their personalities are so different. It's going to be hard to leave them after spending so much time with them.

On Friday we had a tornado in the area. The golf course where Mathew works was hit. Shingles came off the roof, trees were downed everywhere and he lost power so he spent the rest of the evening trying to get his food stuffs into an alternative refrigeration system. Apparently it was bad enough that the Club has been closed for at least a day. Fortunately nobody was hurt. 

HMAS Ballarat visiting Baltimore.

Some of damage at the Whisky Creek Golf Club where Mathew was working when the tornado struck on Friday.

Enlarge and zoom in to see all the snapped off trees.