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July  2011

Week One:

The weather has been hot and muggy. Not unusual for this time of year. There have been some severe afternoon thunderstorms and we have spent much time inside the boat with the AC on.

Vanessa's friend Mary, came to join us for July 4th and she made a wonderful enchilada dinner for us. The fireworks in the harbor were not as good as in the past and it really was a non event as far as we were concerned.  A couple of days later Vanessa went to PA with Hannah and the babes, to spend some time at Sesame Place. They stayed in a hotel for the night and the girls were so excited about their "sleepover" they didn't sleep. Needless to say Hannah and Vanessa were exhausted. It was a fun time though and a trip that will not be forgotten!

Later in the week our friends Paul and Mary "Propinquity" joined us for lunch at our marina. It was lovely seeing them again. We had not seen them in over a year, so we had lots of catching up to do.

Boat maintenance continues. There's always something that needs repairing!


Fells Point district

Fells Point district

Kendall enjoying the trip to Sesame Place in PA.

Hannah and girls

More of Sesame Place

Chloe left, Kendall right

Mary and Paul came for a lunch.

Mary (Vanessa's work friend ..... when Vanessa worked) came to the boat on July 4th. and brought a great dinner for us all.



Week Two:

The days, weeks are flying by. We began the week with a  visit from friends Stacy and Mike, whom we met last September on a week long cruise to New England and Canada, aboard the Enchantment of the Seas. Mike and Stacy live in Rockville and they came out for a day sail with us to see the sights (mainly industrial) around Baltimore. We anchored by a landfill (nice, NOT) for lunch and then they both had a go at sailing.

On Monday we took a day trip by car to Sciota, PA. It was a long, almost 4 hour, journey to see an RV that had been for auction on Ebay and didn't meet it's reserve. We decided to stop and see a couple of others in the area too. Searching for the "right" RV is tough and at times frustrating. We know what we want but haven't quite found it yet. Buying secondhand means we'll have to forego some of the requirements we have set in our minds. Still, there's no rush and we can enjoy the hunt.

Vanessa went babysitting on Tuesday so that Hannah could go to her PT without taking all the family with her. That left Andrew with time on his hands........Not sure what he got up to!

Vanessa had a little more work this week recording for one of our boating neighbors. It's tricky to record onboard and she always has to wait until it's quiet. That's not easy in Baltimore. If there aren't any gunshots going off, then the helicopters are circling. If they aren't circling, then the train is passing through and of course there's the never ending boat traffic ....... Oh, yes, I nearly forgot the ducks pecking at the hull all hours of the day and night!

We spent a morning at the Baltimore Zoo and hope to take our grandchildren there in a year or two. It's quite different from the Washington Zoo and nowhere near as crowded. They don't have as many animals or reptiles, but the overall experience was more intimate and quite refreshing.

Artscape, the biggest art fair in the country (supposedly....although I have my doubts) is this weekend. We rode our bikes up there, got lost on the way and were exhausted when we finally found the place. It was interesting and there was some whacky stuff being exhibited. There were also some whacky people too! There were concerts and street theatre to savor also. We shall put it on our list as "Been there, done that". The bike ride through downtown Baltimore during rush hour was not good and we were pleased to be back onboard and in safety.

Aah, the bikes - both have their problems. Now it's time to fix them.

Mike and Andrew at the helm.


Baltimore Zoo


Sleeping Artscape worker.


Week Three and Four:

The days fly by ...... we left the boat and came home to the regular chores, Vanessa did some babysitting whilst Hannah went to San Francisco for work and Andrew started to build a door surround for Mathew's house.

House maintenance continues however it's far too hot to get into the yard to trim trees. Hopefully soon the weather will cool down a bit. Today (Friday July 29th) we are expecting 102 Degrees.