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July  2013

Week One:

See how fast June went by....we lost the last week!  Oh well, now it's July and what a fabulous week we've had.  We took a road trip to visit our friends, Vince and Linda, in Canada. The journey takes about 10 hours and as we are now old fogies we decided to break the trip with an overnight stop halfway there. What a great idea that was! A five hour travel day is just good enough to be able to take a little excursion and enjoy the day without being overly tired. So on our way to Canada we stopped in a town called Corning. It's known for it's glass manufacturing and "Corning tableware". We visited the Corning Glass Museum. It was quite interesting seeing the glass blowing and glass breaking techniques. Worth a stop.

The following day, refreshed and re-energized after breakfast, we headed for the border. Fortunately there was little traffic and we got in without much ado. Our journey back to the States took a lot longer though. Never travel on Sunday morning especially after a holiday! 

Anyway, once we arrived at Linda and Vince's home it was go, go, go. We visited three of the big lakes, Huron, Erie and Ontario. On day one we went to the theatre to see a play "On a first name basis"  by Norm Foster, a well known Canadian playwright. He also happened to star in it. That was on Lake Erie. The second day we visited Linda's brother and his wife at their cottage by Lake Huron. We took a lovely walk along the shoreline there. Then, just a few miles further South,  we stopped and had dinner with friends, Tony and Fran, whom we met in the Bahamas. As it was July 4th Fran treated us to a bit of American fluffery. We didn't burn the flag but we sure did eat it......marshmallows and berries. The following day it was a trip to Niagara on the Lake (Ontario). What a pretty place this is! Lovely properties and beautifully groomed gardens. We visited the chocolate factory first and sampled many chocolates, then it was off to the wineries to wash all that sweetness down. To top off the wonderful stay, Linda had made reservations for afternoon tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel. Delicious! Our final day was a day of relaxation around the farm. We certainly felt relaxed.

We decided to split our return journey and enjoy some other sights. So we went to Watkins Glen on one of the finger lakes and took a hike through the gorge. Unfortunately we didn't get to the end as Andrew (getting old) had knee issues and there were some 800 steps to negotiate. We did see most of it though.

Now we're back and getting into the swing of cleaning and planning. Don't like the cleaning part but it's always fun to do some vacation planning. Oh yes, and we have to get the dinghy ready to sell. We now have a trailer for it!


Fran with her creation for July 4th

Viewing the workings of the chocolate factory...yum!

Niagara on the Lake.

Afternoon tea...what a treat!

Sights from the gorge

Sights of Watkins Glen

Interesting caterpillar. Nearly trodden on!

Week Two:

The first part of the week was very busy. We cleaned the house for the next set of guests. On Monday we collected the trailer for the boat and then took the boat to the local boat ramp and loaded it and then took it home and dropped it off. The dingy is just not stable enough for us so we have put it on eBay. 

We are now in the middle of a week long heat wave where the temperature each day is over 95 Degrees. With the high humidity we have a heat index of around 105 so we have been inside trying to keep cool. As normal the AC started to fail because the water intake got plugged up with some trash and the fridge is now on the blink.

Friday morning a diver came to clear the blockage for the AC and hopefully early next week we will get somebody to look at the fridge.

The dingy and trailer for sale.

Week Three:

Dingy and trailer have been sold and profit might cover the wine bill on the upcoming cruise ship. Weather has been nice and cool so we have had no AC on in the boat. The boat fridge is now working ....... but for how long???

We went up to Charleston (West Virginia) and had lunch with good friend Vicki who lives in Corfu on a sailboat. Vicki's husband died just over 18 months ago and this was the first time we had met her since Jake passed away.


Vanessa and Vicki for lunch.

Mahjong players in Damascus.

Vanessa and Chloe out for dinner.