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July  2014

The weather this year has been fantastic...... not too hot and not too humid. How long we will get away with this I don't know. Maybe we are being granted such nice weather after the appalling winter.

We are enjoying our time on the boat when we have renters in the house however the big news is that we have put Tally Ho up for sale. We have had the boat since 2006 and have enjoyed our trips but its time to move onto another adventure next year....... unless the boat does not sell. We will see what happens. If you have any interest in a Hunter 410 send us an Email ......

Hannah purchased a condo and we spent one weekend helping her move. Andrew just did the driving whilst the knee prevented him from going up and down the two levels of stairs. Andrew's news is that his total knee replacement has now been scheduled after he met his required weight reduction. September 22 is the date and hopefully he will only be in hospital 3 days.  

Other news is that we can now get BBC TV ........ now Vanessa has to pry Andrew away from the watching TV for most of the day.