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July  2007

We had a visit from Tony and Karen, our friends from Leicester, UK, and we took them out on the boat for a few days. For the most part we had great weather. We went round Kent Island stopping at the Wye River, St. Michaels, Queenstown, Annapolis and then back to the South River. We had great weather and plenty to drink (great mojito's made by Tony)! This was Karen's first sailing experience and she really enjoyed being at the helm when we had a good wind. 

We have spent the other weekends aboard the boat but not venturing out of the dock for the most part, mainly because of the weather and of course the never ending jobs. We think we have now solved the issue of the dead anchor light - the next few weeks will tell. Vanessa the on-site (free) rigger has been up the mast 3 times now and appears to be getting comfortable up in the sky.

The Anchor light socket

Looking down from the top of the mast.


Andrew added a splash back to the galley sink/worktop and it appears to work well. Such a handyman! We have finally made some progress getting the computer connected to the television so that we can watch DVD's and also record TV programs on the computer and play back over the TV. The internet connection works well in port but once we are off land by a few miles we have problems. Andrew just loves listening to BBC Radio 2 so I guess we'll not venture too far off land. What happened to reading a good book by candlelight! Too much technology.