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June  2007

Started our 2 week adventure aboard on June 8th. Andrew came home early from work feeling sick! Good beginning. Decided to leave the following day if all was well.

Left home bright and early on Saturday with a great weather report for sailing across the bay. 10 - 20 knot breezes all the way to Trappe Creek on the eastern shore. A lovely anchorage. Only problem was that our anchor light didn't work. Ah the joys of boat ownership! Spent Sunday in the same spot and called a few marinas to find a rigger. Left for Solomon's Island on Monday. Zahniser's said they could do the job Tuesday, so we hung out in Back Creek and prepared for the fix. Mainsail had to come down as it's the only way to get to the top of the mast.

Wednesday morning feeling thrilled we were back in action we sailed to the Potomac river. Had a nice sail up to St. Mary's city and back into St. Inigoes Creek for the night. Temperatures have been pleasant so far, but it was a cold night and cool Thursday. Went investigating in the dinghy and found a trail to a tobacco plantation. Got a free tour of the place by 19th century indentured servants.  Fun morning!

After lunch we sailed to the Yeocomico River. Trying to get food and other services around here is tough. Phones don't work. Computer and TV useless too! And to top it all the anchor light failed again. Feeling desperate Andrew attempted to make bread............it looked great! Need to get to a bakery fast. 

On Saturday we headed back to Solomon's hoping to get the riggers back out working on Monday morning. Well that didn't work. They're busy for a couple of weeks and can't do the job. So we shall make do. Steaming light seems to work fine. Back in civilization again, so we went grocery shopping and we were fine for the duration. (Food wise that is).

Storm Approaches

The first loaf of bread

Fathers Day Lunch

The Route