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June  2008

Week One:

June has started off with us at home. Andrew has been doing some sewing maintenance on sails and canvas work whilst Vanessa has been recording a book in our recording studio (making some money).

Lots of jobs around the house are being done (or put on the list to be done!) and the temperature outside has gone through the roof. (98 Degrees and humid)

On Saturday we had a flock reunion with our friends in a town north of Baltimore. We all had a great time.

Ray Pat and Larry.

Bill and Ray

The Flock


Week Two:

Another week has passed by and I don't know what we've done but we've been very busy. House work, maintenance, cleaning etc. seem to be the order of the day or week.

Our longtime neighbor Keith, sadly passed away suddenly last week before we had a chance to see him.  It was a great shock for all.

Hannah is now blooming and still keeping very active. The babes are due in late August. Such excitement.

We leave for the UK in a few days and meet Mathew and his girlfriend there. More news later! 

Week Three:

We went down to the boat on Monday to off load the sails and canvas work that Andrew completed at home over the last couple of weeks. We got there at 8.30 am and fitted the new water heater. We were exhausted by 3 p.m. and called it quits for the day and went home for an early night. Both of us are looking forward to getting back on the water since we both seem to sleep better on the boat.------ Very strange!

Tuesday night we headed off to England and arrived less one of the bags. It caught up with us the following day.

As expected it was raining and cool, but great to see old friends and family. The wedding on Friday was wonderful and the weather was good (NO RAIN).

Trip to Maldon in Essex to see some of the old Thames Barges.

On the waterfront at Maldon.

Andrew's Mum (92), Mathew and Andrew

Mathew's girlfriend and Vanessa ready for the wedding.

Henry (Groom) and Andrew's Mum

The Bride and Groom.

Maryann and Henry

Shame, they could only afford an old car!


Week Four:

The day after the wedding, Jan and John, put on a lunch (which continued well beyond dinner) in their garden. A  fun time was had by all. The following day we went to see Vanessa's childhood friend, Gill, and her husband Rob. Gill made a delicious lunch for us using lots of her homemade/grown ingredients. Wish we had more time with them!  

Bags packed, we left for Redcar and Vanessa's family. We rented a tiny house with a pub next door and the sea just around the corner. A super location. Mathew and Christine stayed with us for two days and then left for home. We managed to walk the moors almost every day and visited with Vin and Mary each day too. Unfortunately neither Vin nor Mary were in good health so our visits were mainly confined to the house. It was good to see them though, and we all went out to dinner on our final night there.

Jan and John's house dressed up for the post wedding lunch.

John keeping warm by the BBQ

Andrew on evening swim to close the party.

Gill, Vanessa and Rob

Whitby Abbey - in need of repairs.

A walk on the moors.

Mathew's reaction to a pickled egg.

Hiking in Staithes


Staithes harbour

Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay, side streets.

On the way to Captain Cook's Monument

Roseberry Topping.

Vanessa fossil hunting on Marske beach

Glaisdale. Ancient bridge.

Grosmont Steam Train.

Walking the Cleveland Way.

Dinner with Vanessa's family in the north of England.

Left to right: Aunt Mag, Vin (father), Mary (Stepmother), Aunt Lil