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June  2009

Week One:

We arrived in Hampton at the public piers on Saturday afternoon. The following morning, Ed and Shirley (m/v Tally Ho) picked us and our laundry up and drove us around the area to see some sights and then we went to their house to do the wash. They then took us to lunch at the local seafood restaurant where we had the best (VA) crab cakes ever! After that it was a stop at the grocery store where we bought dessert to take back to the boat and enjoy before saying our farewells to Ed and Shirley. We had a great day with them.

We departed Hampton and made for Urbanna on the Rappahanock River. We'd never been there before as it's a good 3 hour jaunt upriver. The weather report for the evening was not good and we thought it would be protected there as well as being a new place to visit. Well.......it was somewhat protected BUT, the anchorage holding was not good and we dragged anchor as the front was coming in. We got into "position" - Andrew at the helm, me down below checking the radar (and shaking), all the while the boat dragging closer and closer to shore. As the storms slid by just to our North we decided the time was right to up anchor and head for the nearest dock. It was a hot and sultry night and more bad weather was forecast. So by 8:00pm we were safely attached to the pilings and plugged in, the a/c running full blast. After a quick walk around town the next day (great breakfast at the drug store, ladies at one table, men at another!) we continued on our way, this time to Reedville. More severe storms were expected and they started shortly after we arrived at our destination. We had met Mary and Walt  in Marathon last year and they have a house (a beautiful house) on a creek just off the Gt. Wicomico river, with it's own dock. Fortunately for us they had space available and electricity too. We spent a wonderful evening with them catching up on all the news, cocktails on the porch, and dinner indoors watching the night sky light up with the strong storms blowing through. At 8 a.m. the next day we decided to continue North to Solomon's Island. The skies were grey and it was quite chilly. With current and wind opposed it was not a great day but we needed to get to a safe anchorage for Friday.


Friday, it rained and rained and rained. We spent the whole day inside keeping warm and doing some maintenance jobs.

Shirley and Ed took us out for a super lunch. Crabcakes were fantastic.

Storm clouds brewing over Urbana VA.

Lansdowne House in Urbana VA c.1763

View from Mary and Walt's house in Reedville.

View down the creek from the "Valium Porch" at Mary and Walt's.

The "Valium Porches"

Mary, Walt and Andrew on the porch.

Fishing boat on its way back into Reedville.

Cloudy arrival at Solomon's MD

Week Two:

We left Solomon's early Saturday morning and headed up the Bay to Dunn Cove where we had a nice evening and another early start to get to Herrington Harbor North where we had arranged to see a dinghy and engine for sale, and it also had a small trailer.

The dinghy was exactly what we have been looking for (although it did have a slow leak and an oar missing) and the engine started although a little smoky.

We agreed a price and loaded the dinghy and the engine, took photo's of the trailer and listed the trailer on Ebay. The next morning (Monday we headed up to Annapolis and managed to get a tow ashore to get to the dinghy dealer to get the slow leak repaired. We plan on picking it up in 10 days or so.

From Annapolis we left in rain and went straight to the Anchorage Marina in Baltimore and started to make ourselves at home. Hannah came and picked us up and now we are at home for a week for Vanessa to get some work done.

Approach to the Knapps Narrows bridge.

Trailer for sale.

Andrew in new dinghy getting a tow.

Tally Ho comming up to the Key Bridge.

Vanessa with the new engine.

Week Three:

At home Vanessa completed a batch of work and we sent the invoice! Andrew started to get some stuff sold on Ebay to offset the cost of the new dinghy and engine. The outboard that we have had for 12 years is up for auction and the roll up dinghy has been sold and delivered. A new compass is on order and new bike tires and inner tubes have arrived. We had our baby fix for the week with an afternoon visit to Hannah and Bobby's.

Late in the week we returned to Baltimore with the intention of heading out to meet some friends in Cambridge ....... however, the weather forecast did not cooperate. We did meet up with some friends we met in the Bahamas who are also staying at Anchorage, Buck and Haldine (Darling), and Frank (Sea Smoke). We collected the new dinghy from the dealer and launched it in Baltimore.   We also saw Rick & Linda (Makeitso) and Kathy & Jim (At Home). So we are among friends again.

Old faithful is for sale. 12 years of service.

Kendall at home.

"I like my new chair"

Week Four:

We spent a few days at home and then a few days on the boat. We went to the Farmers Market in Baltimore on Sunday morning and had a look round. Vanessa finished another basket and Andrew got the new dingy and motor in order.

Weather has improved and we are now beginning to enjoy ourselves....... other than cutting the grass at home.


Mushrooms at the Farmers Market in Baltimore

More mushrooms - how do cook these ones?

Vanessa loved the atmosphere at the market. I think she thought she was back in Chelmsford UK.

Character outside market with big cigar....... or was it a play cigar?

A new feature of the boat.