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June  2010


Week One:

We have spent the week with Andrew doing maintenance at home and Vanessa giving Hannah a helping hand with the twins. Tally Ho is up for sale with the expectation that by September it will not have sold and we will again head South. If we do head South it will probably be the last trip on the boat.

When we started retirement the plan was for 2 years on the boat and then 2 years travelling on land. Well we have done 3 years so far in the boat and last winter was cold in the Bahamas, it may be time for a change of pace and scenery.

The days are getting to be hot and humid in Maryland.  Weird weather!  Summer has arrived early. The house is being rented for short rents and our first rental was very good. Let's hope the next three are also.

Andrew is looking forward to a cruise on the Bay when the next renters arrive.

No Photos this week since the camera stopped working and we have had to order another. 

Week Two:

The new camera has arrived but there are still no pictures because we have continued to work at home and on the boat cleaning up and doing odd maintenance jobs. When will it stop!  Methinks it's time to head back to the Abaco's.....we didn't work this hard there, in fact we didn't work at all! 

Baltimore is a great place to be for the variety of events and cultural diversity offered here. Every weekend there are many choices for activities and entertainment. However, the water is nasty, dirty, and the boat is nearly always surrounded by floating trash. Of course we can't see what's happening below the surface. That's probably a good thing. 

We took a day off from chores and spent it looking at RV's and fifth wheels. It was lots of fun and has given us an idea of what we require in living accommodations to be able to continue our adventures land cruising this time. Some of the fifth wheels are quite luxurious and spacious compared to our living conditions onboard.


Week Three:

We've been on the boat all week except for one day when Vanessa went to look after the girls. She is having so much fun being with them. That's good as next week we'll be on duty for several days whilst our daughter is away working.

The week began with an event at our marina. It was mainly a sales event with lots of stalls selling marine items and services but the Baltimore water police and  fire department did put on a show for us. The following day we rode our bikes through town (no traffic due to a race..yipee) to the Farmer's market and purchased some fresh fruit and veggies, sweet peas to die for! Then we  ventured out to Hampden, a suburb of Baltimore, to enjoy the festivities of "Honfest" . It was a very hot 90 degree day but the atmosphere was electric. The sights were amazing! Hons everywhere. A really fun day despite the intense heat and humidity.

We managed to get out of the marina for an overnighter In Stoney Creek. We'd never been there before so it was fun to explore. Andrew enjoyed the beer at the Stoney Creek Inn, although he was rather upset by our first crab lunch of the season there......I didn't mind, it meant more for me.

There's been some interest in the boat so we are keeping it as clean and tidy as possible. That's no mean feat when you are living aboard part of the time. The house/boat chores are never-ending it seems. Time for a vacation!



Display of waterworks.

Balmer's own fire boat

An easy bike ride to market due to the road race...no traffic!

Great farmer's market

L'il Hon gettin' a do

Contestants for best Hon

Last years Best Hon

Stoney Creek bridge

Bring crabs...more beer!


Week Four:

This week we've been landlubbers. We left the boat and spent half the week at our daughter's house taking care of our very smart little grandchildren whilst Hannah is working in Australia. They will be 2 years old in a couple of months and every day they learn something new (choose your words carefully Pops). Sponges! I think that's the expression. We are having a wonderful time being with them. However, it's really nice to go home for a cocktail (or two) and relax after a most energetic day.

The house is keeping us busy and we are getting some serious cleaning, clearing and maintenance done. Vanessa took an evening off and went to visit her long time friend Mary in Germantown. Mary cooked a lovely dinner and it was really nice to catch up. Meanwhile our son, Mathew, popped in to visit with Andrew and got a not so nice surprise....the remainder of his belongings are now in the garage and awaiting disposal or removal. He has a lot of sifting/sorting to do. Have fun Mat!

Well, that's another week gone. We just returned to the boat in 100 degree heat and guess what? Trouble with the AC........it never ends.

The trail close to our house.

A walk on the trail.

First thing after wakeup is a drink of milk.

In the pool

Vanessa having fun.

Vanessa and Mary

Mary cooking dinner.

Week Five:

This week we've been back on the boat. The weekend was very hot (100 degs) and we tried in vain to clear the blockage in our AC intake. We decided to go up to the Sassafras River where it's normally cleaner/clearer to dive down and rectify the problem, and also we had a chance to contact Dennis and Georgia (Njord) who live in the area (they were our neighbors in the Bahamas for the winter). Dennis and Georgia gave us a tour of Galena and their house and newly acquired Motor home. We then went to dinner at the Kitty Knight Inn.

Dennis also introduced us to the owner of their marina and as we had no luck diving ourselves, we decided to have the boat taken out of the water for 10 minutes to clear the intake. The AC is working fine now and the culprit was a plastic bag!

The weather has been wonderful. Lots of sun and no humidity and highs in the low 80's.  The forecast is not looking good for next week, but we'll be at home for most of it. Hope the AC there is working!



This would make a loverly Salad bowl.

Patterson Park in Baltimore

Sand Castle art in Baltimore

Gerogetown on the Sassafras River.