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June 2011

Week One:

The trip down to the South River was good and we got to the Marina by 2 p.m.

However, come Monday the boat was pulled and major problems became visible. The rudder has cracked open and there is damage to the hull in the area of the rudder post.

We left to go back to the house and get ready for our next rental. The insurance company was called and each day the estimate seemed to get bigger. We are now looking for a roof over our head since our house is rented ......... Maybe time for an RV rental.

The cracked rudder.

Plus the other stuff.

Week Two:

We have spent the week at Hannah's house and we have helped look after the twins which was lots of fun ...... but hard work.

We are looking forward to getting back onto the boat as soon as possible. The rudder is being repaired and also the hull of the boat which is where we think the leak was coming from.

The twins are growing up fast.

Andrew keeping busy.

The bottom of the rudder post.

Morning at Hannah's

Week Three:

We have been at our house to clean up and get ready for the next rental and get a few things repaired. One of the stove switches was not working correctly and Andrew went to get a replacement. $110 later we are thinking that a new stove would only be $400 ........ somebody selling switches is making some big money.

On Wednesday we left the house and went over to Hannah's to visit her workplace for "Family Day" with the twins. Hannah works in a secure facility downtown and the whole building had to be "Sanitized" before people like us could get in. (Sanitized means all the Classified information is not available)Andrew was very impressed with the "Action Room" which has a computer display about the size of our house. On the display they track every ship in the world with details of it's cargo.

Outside they had various rides for the children which the twins both enjoyed.

On Friday we opted to try camping in the van. Weather turned out to be great........ accommodations were not so good!! We will move on to another site on Saturday and see how it goes.

The twins on Family Day at Hannah's work.

This is the life....... I don't think

Week Four:

We cut short the camping on Sunday morning and headed back to the boat for a night on the hard. On Monday we had Insurance Inspection, final closing up of some of the compartments, then launched and into a slip for two nights.

We paid the bill (ouch!!) and Andrew took the boat the 30 miles back to Baltimore where Vanessa met him and got the boat into its summer slip. Weather is glorious with little humidity.