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June 2012

Week One:

At the end of May we had the girls to ourselves for a 3 night sleepover. They are so much fun now, but it's hard for us old folk to keep up with them. We needed a rest after their visit. We were so busy we didn't even have time for photos!

The first weekend of June has also been busy. We went to Cambridge, MD to see Hannah run/bike in the Blackwater Duathlon, National championships. Her run time was great but she had technical difficulties with the bike (back brake rubbing the wheel) and that really slowed her down, however all was not lost and she still qualified for the World's to be held in Switzerland this September. Nice one Han!

It's been a week of cleaning and preparing for our house guests. Vanessa's friend Mary visited midweek for dinner and a game of scrabble.  A nice respite from all the toil. On Thursday after all was spic and span we left home and went back to the boat, "home" for the next few weeks.

This weekend there's the Italian Festival, Greek Festival, and Honfest. Baltimore has it all!



Week Two:

So, we did the Italian festival. It was not at all what we expected (I'm not sure what we expected) and after 30 minutes of walking around various food vending stalls and viewing trinket sellers wares we decided to go back to the boat. Unfortunately we didn't get to the Greek festival...saving that for another year. Truthfully we'd exhausted ourselves biking around town and we needed the required afternoon nap!

Honfest, a yearly street party located in Hampden was lots of fun even though the weather was very hot and humid. Honfest celebrates the working woman. “Hon”, short for Honey, is a classic Bawlmer term of endearment. The women who vie to become Baltimore’s Best Hon are a vision of the sixties-era. They are women with beehive hairdos, bright-blue eye shadow, spandex pants and anything with leopard print! Anything goes! Hampden is a great eclectic shopping area too with something for all tastes.

Midweek we again ran home to prep the house for our next guests. Job accomplished it was back to the boat for more festivities. The tall ships and war vessels made their way up the Patapsco river to dock in and around Baltimore's Inner Harbor for a week long celebration of the 1812 war. Ships from Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Indonesia, Great Britain and more are in town and the crowds are gathering. The Blue Angels have been practicing overhead. It should be quite a show.

Little Italy festivities.

Hons of all ages.

Getting a Hon Do.

Who says Elvis is dead!

Hon competition finalists.

Coast Guard figurehead

Ecuador has arrived.

Royal Marines with a drum demo at the Inner Harbor.

Blue Angels.

US Coast Guard ship.


Week Three:

Over 40 ships are in town bringing with them crowds of people. The weather has been perfect ..... not too hot and no humidity. We've had plenty of exercise walking and biking down to the Inner Harbor to view the ships up close, and enjoy the "free" entertainment all around town.

Hannah ran in the "Baltimore 10 mile" race and won it. She came in as first female in 1 hr 2 min. She currently holds the record for the course. We love going to her races and when they are close to home it's even better.  After her race, she and her friend came over to the boat and we took Tally Ho out for a one hour cruise around the Inner Harbor to see the ships from a different angle. Back at the dock in the afternoon we had the air show flying overhead and late at night there were fireworks.

Sunday was Fathers day, so we went to Hannah's house for a lovely dinner. We played with our girls and Mathew and Christine joined us too. A family affair!

On Monday we went over to Fort McHenry for the official anniversary of the 1812 War. See video. Many dignitaries were there. Unfortunately it rained but that didn't dampen our spirits, bums yes! (all the seats were wet)

Later in the week the weather turned too hot and humid and we stayed indoors. Vanessa also went to Hannah's to play and have a "girls" overnighter.


Hannah winning the 10 mile run.

Ships from Canada

Fireworks for Saturday night

Indonesian sailors at early morning exercise and singing as they run.

Fathers day dinner hosted by Hannah

Celebration at Fort McHenry.

The Maryland Governor and Canadian and UK Ambassadors at Ft. McHenry for the 200 anniversary for the 1812 War between England and USA.

Got Milk shake!

Week Four:

We started our road trip on Sunday morning and headed off to see Bill and Anna Marie (Sunshine) on the New Jersey shoreline. Their grandchildren were staying with them and we were lucky enough to have our own all-inclusive quarters (their fifth wheel) with a great view of the coast and marshes. Good food and conversation continued all day long. Anna Marie and Bill's friends, Lucille and Willis joined us for dinner on the deck. 

From New Jersey we headed up to the scenic Adirondack mountains for a nights stay in a motel on the edge of Tupper Lake. Unfortunately the weather turned cool and rainy, but that was not to last for long. The following day we continued our journey North via the Thousand Islands, heading towards Ben and Margaret's (Diva) house near Kingston, ON. They too, entertained us with great meals and took us on a trip by boat into Kingston where we had lunch and watched an antique car rally come into town. The view from their house across the St. Lawrence Seaway was majestic.

We left Kingston on Thursday passing through Peterborough where we had the opportunity to see a lift lock in action, then we continued on toward Orillia for another night in a motel. On Friday we went to Midland and stopped at Sainte Marie among the Hurons, a settlement for Wendat Indians and Christian French Missionaries. After learning some of the history of the area we continued on to Vic and Wendy's (Odyssey) in Port Elgin, via the southern coast of Georgian Bay. The weather has been perfect.

The view across the marsh from Bill and Anna Marie's house in New Jersey

Anna Marie, Bill and you know who.

A cold day in the Adirondacks

The Canadian border at Thousand Islands crossing

View of some of the Thousand Islands from the observation tower

View of the St. Lawerence seaway from Ben and Margaret's back garden.

Ben with his speedboat.

"The Great Race"arrival in Kingston ON.

"The Town Cryer" with Vanessa and Margaret.

Ben and Margaret. Lunch at Chez Piggy

Speedboat back to the house from Kingston.

Peterbrough lift lock at work.

St. Marie among the Hurons