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June 2013

Week One thru Three:

The new keyboard is in and working well for the most part. The only trouble spot we've found is with the Caps Lock key that doesn't show when it's on. That is only a problem when you write passwords that have specific upper/lower case requirements.

Enough of that. So what have we been up to during the past three weeks, well, lots of mundane stuff. See that's short and sweet. We are yoyo-ing between house and boat finding plenty of chores to do at both locations. Vanessa had a book to record at home with very limited time to do the job, and as luck would have it she had plenty of technical troubles that added to the anxiety she already had. We are hoping all turns out well!

We have done a couple of interesting things. We have booked a one way cruise out of Athens, Greece to Fort Lauderdale. It's going to Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Portugal and stopping at all the ancient sights. We think we will be sick of ruins by the time we're done, but we are certainly looking forward to it at present.

The other interesting thing we did, although it's not quite interesting more like STUPID. We made an impulse purchase of our dock neighbors 12 ft. Logic dinghy. It used to be the talking topic of the marina and is even more so now that we've purchased it. Apparently the local ducks had decided it was a great place to nest as it had been sitting in the water for at least 2 years without being touched. Well the poor little things laid their eggs in the boat but the babes never could get out and died (so we hear). Fortunately we saw no sign of cadavers, only lots of sh--! Guess who cleaned that up! The 33hp motor is completely seized up and it took a fair amount of muscle to remove it. We spent all day cleaning the bottom of years of undersea growth, "disgusting" (that's what everybody said as they walked past us on their way to the pool). Of course we got more comments when the same people walked home at night and we were still there scraping away. There's more to do on it, but we now have to prepare to go home and clean up there.

Until next time.....Tally Ho.


Our new Boat.