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June 2014

 June has given us great weather. Not humid and not too hot. 

We have been quite busy this month. Hannah and the girls have been running. It was great watching them in their first race. Chloe ran the full course but Kendall needed a hand from Mummy to finish.  Hannah is well into her running biking and swimming competitions and the last one we went to was in Cambridge,  Maryland. She raced a total of  70 miles, swimming, biking and running in the  Eagleman/Ironman competition. She did really well and qualified for the big competition in Kona, Hawaii. click HERE for a video. It's always fun to watch her and the other competitors. In this race our friends from LoQueSea (Judy and Gene) had their son competing too. So we popped around to their marina and visited with them for a while.

Vanessa's brother and family came to visit for a few days. We had a really good time with them. They were shown where Mathew and Hannah live and work and we even had a day out on the boat with Mark and Jill. It was great seeing our new Great Niece, Delilah, for the first time. We didn't have a bed for her but we had just purchased a log basket/carrier and she fit in that just fine! Wish we all lived nearer. Not on opposite sides of the country.


We've spent part of the month on the boat and of course there are always projects there. Our neighbors in the marina are known as the party boat, a nice liveaboard couple. The only trouble is that the party always seems to move to our cockpit and we are not set up for cocktail hour these days due to the fact that Andrew must lose weight to get his knee replacement surgery. He really has done well so far, but these last few pounds are tough. We are not totally starving yet but I fear we may have to be on an all liquid (no not Rum or Gin, or Vodka) to reach the required goal!

Vanessa and her friend Mary went to the annual "Honfest" celebration in Hampden, a suburb of  Baltimore. It's always a fun experience, although this year was not a good as previous years. Perhaps it was because we had beautiful weather and it is usually hotter than Hades........can't think of any other reason for the lack of Hons!

We took a fleeting trip to Canada to visit our friends Vince and Linda (Fortnight). Poor Linda was quite unwell all weekend but she did manage to perk up a little when we went to the theatre in St. Jacobs to see a play by Norm Foster, a well known Canadian playwright. (We've seen two of his productions now, thanks to V & L, and we really enjoy his work.) We had a relaxing weekend with them. It was a shame we didn't get to do the rounds of other friends up North, but we needed to get back to the boat.

We are now at home and looking forward to seeing our grandchildren, and helping Hannah with her move next week.


Until next time.....Tally Ho.

Mark Jill and Family visit

Mark out for a sail

Hannah exit the swim

HunFest in Baltimore