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June, July August 2015

Now that the boat has been sold we are starting to do other things ....... including travel.

We took a month long trip to Europe which started with 5 days in Iceland then two days in London, followed by a week long trip river cruise down the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam where we then spent 4 days on a canal boat. Then we went back to London and on to South Wales and then North Wales, finishing trip in Chelmsford, Essex visiting family and friends before returning trip to Washington. Great trip and great to see family and friends ...... short video here of the trip and here of the Castles of the Rhine.

We had the twins for a week at home and Andrew decided to teach them how to ride their bike without training wheels. The girls picked it up within a couple of hours and now they are enjoying the freedom of the two wheels.

After the Europe trip we attended the funeral of a ex neighbors father's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. Whilst obviously a somber event it was very impressive and great to catch up with old neighborhood friends. Video here.

After that we headed south to Bradenton Florida (In August !!!!) to see how bad life is in mid summer. Hot .... Very Hot. We get a thunder storm almost every evening and sunshine every morning. We have been to visit a couple of retirement communities and Andrew is very keen ..... but Vanessa is not sure about the heat. We will see.