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Letters Home

June July & August  2015   Summer is here
March April & May  2015    Spring has sprung
February    2015    Back in Maryland and back to winter
January     2015    At the Condo in Bradenton
December   2014   Off to Florida for some warmth
October & November 2014  Travels are starting again
August & September  2014   At home
July          2014    Great weather for being at home
June         2014    Summer has arrived
May         2014     Stuff getting done
April        2014     It's getting warm
March      2014     Will it ever stop snowing
February    2014   Winter never ends
Dec 2013 and Jan 2014  Winter in Maryland
November  2013    On our way home.
October     2013    The start of a European trip
September  2013    The summer starts to end
August      2013     On the boat again
July          2013     Road trip to Canada
June         2013     Computer has been fixed.
May         2013     At Home with lots of jobs.
April         2013     Back to Baltimore
March        2013     On our way to go home
February    2013     Trips to warmer climates
January     2013     Happy New Year
December  2012     At home with more project
November 2012      Back to the House after the Storm
October    2012      Europe with problems
September 2012     At home getting ready for Europe
August    2012       Planning a new trip
July        2012       Road trip to Canada
June       2012       At Baltimore for the Summer
May        2012        On our way home.
April        2012       Our last Month in the Abacos.
March       2012      Spring is springing.
February   2012      Enjoying the warm weather.
January    2012      Back to the boat for the winter.
December   2011    In the Bahamas at last.
November  2011     Waiting, waiting, waiting to cross.
October    2011      We have made it to South Carolina
September  2011    Time to leave
August    2011       Work on House and boat
July        2011        Hot and Muggy in Baltimore
June       2011        Back in the Bay ..... with problems
May        2011        On our way North
April       2011        Still at Boat Harbour but soon to head North
March      2011        Blowing Hard
February  2011        Nice and warm.
January    2011       Back to the Bahamas after Christmas in USA
December 2010       Winter home in the Bahamas
November 2010       Waiting to cross to Bahamas.
October   2010        On our way South again. 
September  2010     Ship cruise to Canada and New England.
August     2010       At home doing jobs around the house.
July         2010        In Baltimore at the slip.
June        2010        Boat in Baltimore and us at home in Damascus.
May         2010        Almost back to Baltimore.
April        2010         Weather is great and preparing for crossing.
March      2010         Still Cold and windy at Boat Harbour.
February  2010         Away from the snow and ice.
January  2010          Back into the Bahamas...... and Cold
December 2009        At Home in Marsh Harbor
November 2009        On our way to Bahamas
October   2009         On our way South and a little early.
September 2009       Still in Baltimore but getting ready for departure.
August 2009              Still in Baltimore and spending time at the house.
July  2009                At the slip in Baltimore.
June 2009                Back into the Chesapeake Bay
May 2009                 A break in the trip back to the Bay - to go home.
April 2009                Still thinking about heading north.
March 2009              Thinking about heading north.
February 2009          Cold in the Bahamas.
January 2009           Back to the Bahamas.
December 2008        In the Bahamas
November 2008        Heading towards Florida and warmth.
October 2008           Off we go again heading south.
September 2008       Fun with the twins and getting ready to go south.
August 2008            In the slip in Baltimore
July 2008                England and back to the boat
June 2008               Back home and off to England  
May 2008                North Carolina to Annapolis
April  2008              The Journey back to the Bay starts.
March 2008             Back from New Zealand and off to the boat
February 2008         Off to New Zealand
January 2008          Resident of the Keys
December 2007       Florida
November 2007       Georgia and south.
October 2007          The adventure starts. South for the winter.
Retirement October 5th 2007
September 2007      Great weather
August 2007           Mike, Donna, Dave and Robin and also Bill and Patrice
July 2007               Tony and Karen visit
June 2007              2 week cruise
May 2007               Finally out sailing
April  2007             Family Reunion
March 2007            Still cold
February 2007        A cold Month in Maryland
January 2007         Side trip to Chile and Southern South America