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March 2009


Week One:

The weather is     s l o w l y    getting warmer. Fred and Sidonia (m/v Double Trouble) took a group of us over to Grabbers for lunch on Guana Cay in their very fast power boat. The normal 2 hour trip by sailboat was cut down to 30 minutes. Andrew had his first hamburger in 3 months and loved it.

Another day we took the bikes out to Witches Point, about 6 miles away and had a walk along a deserted beach. As we got back to the boat Andrew had a puncture in his bike tire. Another trip downtown to get a new inner tube. We've been cycling a lot this week. We rode through a couple of small rather depressed towns and were greeted to the occasional charge of growling dogs ("potcake" is the name for the local mutt) and unusual stares from the local residents. It scared us out of our wits, so we shall not venture too far off the beaten track from now on.

On Friday Carl and Lois (Puffin) took us up to Guana Cay again to  go to the Barefoot Man Concert at Nippers. Lots of fun and some unusual sights. The music was good and the atmosphere was great. Another great day in Abaco!

Fred sets up the day by getting everbody a cocktail prior to the fast ride to Guana

And down they go.

Note the speed.

Boat docked for lunch at Grabbers.

Andrew loves this poster.

Vanessa on the beach again.

Andrew and Lois on the Bow of Puffin

Taxi driver on Guana Cay.

An interesting golf car.

Vanessa and Lois at Nippers

Dancing and fun time at the concert at Nippers.

Note the yellow hat on the right.

The Barefoot Man in action.

Later things started to go downhill. Andrew said that we should stay longer.

Pat (Reflection) had a good sleep on the way back from Nippers aboard Puffin.

Week Two:

The weather has been much better over the last few days. We have taken the boat out overnight twice this past week and we are planning another outing for the upcoming week.

The Pirates party was held on Tuesday and most people made the effort to get dressed up. Some of the outfits could only be described as fantastic. Good food, grog and entertainment meant another fun night in the Abacos.

One of our overnighter's was down to a place known as the Tilloo Hilton. (Joke) It's a narrow slip of land with a beach hut and several white plastic chairs and a couple of benches overlooking the Tilloo Bank. We met up with Reflection, Honeywind and Harmony for our own little beach party. The area is full of conch and huge sand dollars. Vanessa was in heaven snorkeling. We also went beachcombing with Pat & Ray and whilst the girls looked for shells and stuff, the guys made artwork trash! Or would that be trashy artwork? 

We now know how to play the card game "Golf" and had a fun evening on "Lo que se a" (Whatever) celebrating Lois's 77th birthday.


It's great to see the anchor in 12 ft of water.

Judy and Fred, all togged up.

Mary Read & Betty

John, Diane, Moi,Emery,Patti & Betty

Ray, Dave, Terry, Rita & Paddy

Wink & Vanessa


Jim, John & Henry


The happy couple!

Debbie & Steve

Ray's art

Andrew's art

Tally Ho

Tillo Hilton


Week Three:

Now back to bad weather (except for the two days these pics were taken). It's been rather miserable with lots of much needed rain. We've enjoyed it though. Vanessa managed to get several projects finished. That's quite an accomplishment for her!  Her next project is mounting on wood a bronze turtle she found trapped in the fossilized coral at Hope Town. Another great find. We went to Hope Town for an overnighter and enjoyed walking around the pretty little pastel colored homes. Most of these are rental homes. The night we were there we saw the space shuttle launch. That's the second one in 6 months. It's quite a sight!

On St. Patrick's day there was another yacht club party with tons of food that we all prepared. Vanessa cooked a huge piece of corned beef in the crock pot and we enjoyed a great feast.

Friday was sunny so we went for a birthday (Lois is 77) sail with Lois, Carl and their company, Terry and Mandy. Hoping for some good snorkeling weather sometime next week! it's still too breezy and a little cold.


Hope Town, cottages.

Viewing the entrance to Hope Town harbour

Bank opening hours!

Efficient shutters

Local transport

The Atlantic

Shuttle launch generates a cloud at a very high altitude and the setting sun has illuminated it.

Hope Town lighthouse

Aground on the rocks - not us!!!

Bruce and Robbie look! This is the finished conch horn you gave us - thanks!

Ah, gatecrashers - Salty Dawg (Pat & Pat) join us during our day sail.



Week Four:

The weather just ain't cooperating for sailing trips, snorkeling and general water activities. Gossip around the habour says that this is the coldest and windiest winter in 7 years or more. Even so we aren't complaining and we're still having fun.

"Cold" is a relative term. Cold for us is a night time low of just below 60 and just below 70 for daytime. Nothing like cold in Maryland.

Last week we had such a lovely surprise when we were visited by Joe and Sigi (Sigi VII). We didn't think they were out here, then Dick and Libby (Tarwathie) appeared and finally our friends Lynn and Larry on Twomorrows arrived in the harbour so we all met up at the Jib Room for a cold/rainy but fun evening. Later in the week we met for afternoon games and were joined by John and Diane (Duetto).

Vanessa went out lobster fishing with Wink & Wilma. It was a rough day on the water and Wilma hurt her back, but Wink caught 8 lobsters and cooked us dinner. Scrumptious! After several doses of painkillers (not the drink!) Wilma is now feeling fine.

Andrew's bike is giving him trouble so it looks like he'll be traveling on foot for the rest of our stay. We tried to get a replacement tire but no luck. Supplies are limited here. We'll take a backup with us next time.

We are now slowly planning our trip back across the Gulf Stream. Several cruisers were due to leave at the weekend but the seas are just too rough and it looks like they'll be waiting at least a week for things to calm down before they can get around the famous "Whale Cay Passage". That's an island that we sailboats must get around between the ocean and sea of Abaco before we hit the banks. It can be treacherous and should only be approached in the best of conditions.

We have now set up a page dedicated to our grandchildren. If you would like to see them just go to the "About Us" link in the left margin and at the bottom of that page a link will direct you to the girls or click here. Enjoy!

Andrew in costume......pic arrived too late to put it in the right week!

A huge centipede.

Game time at the Jib Room

Wink, Vanessa and Wilma off to catch dinner.

Dinner has arrived! Yummy.

HSA1 rendezvous at the Jib room on rib night. Lyn and Larry.