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March 2010


Week One:

The weather is still cold and windy. For a couple of days/nights we had 35 - 45kts of wind and even in Boat Harbour we were bouncing about all night.  Boats dragged their anchors in Marsh Harbour and a dinghy or two floated away. That's bad news when your only transportation to town is via dink. Fortunately the cruiser's net (channel 68) provides fantastic support for those in trouble or need, and we believe the runaway boats were found and anchors reset without incident!

TIP: Our friends aboard Skinwalker, Lynn and Wayne (aka Bones), keep their VHF on and set to channel 68 all night long so that if there's a problem they are able to react accordingly. It's a great idea especially when you're in a crowded anchorage.

So, what have we done this week? Well, we are keeping active playing tennis most mornings. We've been a little lax with our boat chores because we have a major job with our stove and if we mess it up over here there's nowhere that we can fix it. That means we'll wait until we can get back to the States to begin that task. Fortunately we can use it with only minor aggravation at present.

We've been riding the bikes to get our groceries and we also took a few trips further out of town, however with the strong winds it makes for a really hard ride one way, so we haven't ventured too far.

Another one of our HSA1 club members, Greg Guthman arrived in town for a week. He's staying on Windrose with Carl & Sue. They all came over for cocktails.

We took a ferry ride over to Guana Cay to go to the Barefoot Man concert. Much fun was had by all, but when Andrew mislaid his jacket and video camera and we had to leave on the ferry, our festive mood left us! Fortunately for us, Carl, Sue and Greg found them and will return them when they get back to Marsh Harbour. Great to have such good friends.

Us getting some much needed exercise.


Nippers bar on Guana Cay for the Barefoot Man concert.

The Barefoot Man.

Andrew enjoying himself on the dance floor.


Week Two:

Is this getting monotonous or what.....The weather is still cold and windy! Actually, it's warming up but the winds are still a blowin' and the cold fronts just keep coming.

We did take a few folk out for a chilly day sail. All were diehard sailors at one time or other and therefore enjoyed the sail even with the chill.

The yacht club has scheduled many events this year. One of which was the Veggie Car Race that was held early in the week. Andrew's "Carringer" (carrot and ginger car) was one of 14 entries. The participants made some very artistic and interesting vehicles. The winner of the event, Jim, aboard Silver Foxes, walked away with a beautiful trophy. Thanks to Fred and Sidonia (Shearwater) for arranging it all.


This has been an emotional week as sadly, Andrew's mother passed away on Wednesday, March 10. It was not unexpected news, and thankfully she departed this world peacefully in the comfort of her own surroundings with her daughters by her side. It is at times like these when we wish we were closer to our family. With almost no phone service and intermittent Internet access it's been somewhat awkward and frustrating trying to communicate. However, Andrew will fly to the UK next week to attend the funeral and pay his respects, and also spend some time with his remaining family members.

Click here to play 7 minute video of Andrew's Mum. 1915 - 2010



Day sail with friends.

Cracker P's on Lubber's Cay

Another view from Cracker P's.

View from the bar.

Veggie entries

A few entrants for the Veggie race.

Cheerleaders for the Veggie race.

Lunch at Seaspray Marina - Brian and Jan took the crew over there on Rovin' Seas.


Week Three:

The weather is warming up and finally the water is getting warmer too. There was an exhibition of RMHYC members crafts held in the big marquis at the resort, and it was amazing to see the wealth of talented people displaying their wares. As you can see below, we all kept busy during this unusually cold and breezy winter.

The final event of the season was the "Hoedown" and as always a great time was had by all. It was also a sad time as several of our friends are now leaving for home and the docks are thinning out considerably. We said goodbye to some of our neighbours and hope that we'll see them again as we head North in the next month or so.

Andrew is leaving today for the UK. More news later.



Baskets and jewelry by various artists.

Wilma with her lionfish!

Ray Valeri's scratch built model boats....amazing!

Dennis Ojard's conch lamp.

Bead jewelry.

Fishing flies by Judy (Double JJ)

Hmmm....freckle face!

Wilma & Wink two-stepping!

Fred - what a buckle!

Lois and Pocahontas (Mary)

Ed & Shirley

Belt buckle contest.


Week Four & Five:

It's a hustling, bustling marina this week as the exodus really gets cracking! (In plain English - the boats are leaving in large groups.) We have lost our neighbors on either side and many across the way. The noise of laughter and merriment is less frequent and the atmosphere is changing. It's not bad, just different!

During Andrew's absence our fellow cruisers have been wonderful and not a day has gone by without somebody inviting me to join them for lunch, dinner or an activity. What super friends we have here. I've learned a new game - "Pickle Ball". Guess what that is! The answer is at the bottom of the page.

Along with the very sad news we received last week there was also some exciting news. Vanessa has been nominated (along with Simon Vance) for an "Audie Award" for her narration of "The Turn of The Screw" by Henry James. The gala will be held in NYC on May 25th where the winner's will be announced.

Andrew took some side trips whilst in England thanks to his sister Jan, and brother-in-law John. He helped collect Hugo and Rupert (Andrew's niece's children) from their school and went home with them to play with their train set. There were some lovely lunches out with the family. On Wednesday he started the journey home and arrived at Boat Harbour Thursday lunchtime.......... with a cough and cold.

Lunch at Cracker P's. with Linda, Fred, Gary, Sandy, Jeff and Sandy

Two Sandy's

Sue making palm frond birds.

Another basket using, coral, ponciana bean pod and pine needles.

A little taste of England. Charlotte's house

School trip

L to R. Rupert and Hugo with their train set.

Pickle Ball is a mix of tennis and ping pong, played on a smaller version of a tennis court with larger ping pong style bats and wiffle balls.