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March 2011


Week One:

Weather has taken a turn and its now blowing 25 to 30 knots so we are staying put at the Marina.

Early in the week we went to one of the many "Blue Holes" of Abaco. These holes are very deep and usually have fresh water at the top and salt water beyond the 50ft depth. The holes are about 250 feet deep. 

Vanessa attended a Pickle Ball clinic and the group made a great brunch for all competitors.

A Blue hole near Treasure Cay.

250 feet deep.

Locals enjoying a swim in the Blue Hole

Pickle Ball group picture.

Week Two:

We have had a couple of days out. We took some friends from Treasure Cay out for a day sail, and had a quiet day to ourselves down at Tilloo Bank. Vanessa baked bread as we sailed along and it was the best yet!

This week the RMHYC had a craft exhibit full of wonderfully creative projects produced by our very own members. It's amazing how talented this group is!

Tally Ho off Tillo Bank

Bread ...... very good.

Warm swimming pool.

Linda (Fortnight) with her shell ladies.

Rita (Magnum Opus) with here baskets.

Craft discussions.

Week Three:

Yet again it's been a full and active week. What did we do before retirement we wonder! We began the festivities with a party and great steak dinner at the Jib Room located in Marsh Harbour. Click here for short video

The following day we were scheduled to leave the dock and go out for a couple of days adventure, however, we were invited aboard Shademor for a trip to Guana Cay, so we delayed our outing and went out on the "big" boat. We had a wonderful day exploring the island and watching the beautiful Atlantic rollers coming ashore. We also found a new place for lunch, Pirate's Cove....great food!

The weather has been great this year, but it's rarely what the forecasters predict. We went out for an couple of days in Tally Ho and the winds were stronger than expected so we came home a day early. Glad we did, as the following day was cold and wet. There's been a fire on the island for several days and it's been getting bigger and bigger, and closer to homes,  so we were quite pleased to have a rainy day. The water pressure in the resort bathrooms has been low due to the fact that the fire engines (all 2 of them) have been using all the water to douse the flames.

Our last official party of the season was the St. Patrick's Day party. A fun time was had by all, but it's also a little sad as now the boats are departing for home or warmer climes. This morning three boats from our dock departed and several more are due to leave from the marina. The hustle and bustle around the docks will calm down now and the atmosphere will change accordingly. Our plans are to stay here until ???????


Party for RMHYC at the Jibroom.

Jibroom Boo and yours truly.

Guana Cay, oceanside.

Brian, the biggest and jolliest leprechaun you ever did see!

Karen & Brad, "Mskoki".

St. Paddy's trivia winners.

Boats are beginning to leave to head North. "Cantabile", Barry, Vicky & Sterling.

Week Three:

Weather is great ........ how long can this last??

We've had several nights in a row of eating out, either at friends boats, houses or club functions and now we are feeling the repercussions of overeating! There was a "Chinese" night at the resort restaurant.... then a Yacht Club dinner at Mangoes on restaurant row. We went aboard Fortnight for dinner and a game of Shanghai (another new card game we've learned).

Midweek we took a trip up to Treasure Cay to visit our land friends. As we left the sheltered harbor all was good and we thought we'd have a great sail with South winds taking us North. As we rounded the corner of Matt Lowes the wind changed direction and we were beating into NW winds up to 25K. There's been a fire on Abaco for several days now and the winds didn't help. We could smell it and see it creeping closer to houses along the coast.  We took a few waves over the bow but finally got up to TC and found a spot in the crowded anchorage. We had two lovely evenings there, saying farewell to all our friends.

Chinese dinner with Brian


Jack, what are you dong?


Fire in the distance.

Drinks on the patio at Bruce and Robbie's place in TC

TC view from the pool

Dinner at Patti & Emery's place.

Come on when's that Lasagna ready?

Vanessa with her prize King Helmet. It went back to the ocean to hopefully survive a little longer!

Boat Harbour on a sunny evening.

Week Four:

We left Treasure Cay and went over to Spoil Cay for Vanessa to do some more shelling. After an hour or so we sailed back to Boat Harbour to get into our slip for another few days.

Towards the end of the week Vanessa had an email saying that her father, who had been in hospital and was due to leave the hospital the following day, had collapsed and died, totally unexpected! We are now trying to make arrangements for her trip back to the UK to attend his funeral.

Meanwhile the fires on the island continue to burn out of control. We've had to put the ac on and close the boat as the smoke and fumes are just too strong and leave a burning sensation in your throat. We pray that it's only the forest that's burning. However, it seems to be getting closer to town and the wind forecast for the next few days is not good.

We shall stay at ABR until Vanessa returns and then we'll begin the trek back to the States.