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March 2012

Week One:

Weather has taken a turn and its now blowing 25 to 35 knots so we are staying put at the Marina.

We had the Veggie Car race and Andrew's entry fell apart the morning of the race so he opted to watch and not participate. So we supported "Honeywinds" entry from Treasure Cay. The entry looked good however the competition  was so great this year that unfortunately they did not make it past the first round. The rum punches were flowing and everybody had a great time.

Later in the "week of wind" we had the "Arts and Crafts show" which highlighted the work of many of the harbor residents including Vanessa's.

Vanessa's back is playing up and towards the end of the week she is spending much time laying down. Let's hope things get better for the trip to Orlando at the end of this month.

Patti, Emory, Karen and Mike with the entry for Treasure Cay

A closer look at the entry.

A lot of competition.

Monster Truck

Great design and wheels were turned on a lathe. Who's got a lathe on board.?

Water colors at the Art Show.

Pine needle basket by Shearwater.

The Admiral with her display.

A lot of people viewing the exibits.

Week Two:

 The weather continues to blow hard. However, we have had a lot of shore activities and fun throughout the week.

On Saturday, Jack (Seafood Searcher) organized a Kentucky Derby horse race with the ladies getting dressed up and wearing some very inventive hat designs. Vanessa unfortunately had a back problem and left early ....... Andrew stayed and won some money.

On Monday we had a boat christening for Rose and Charlie's new 65 ft beautiful motor boat "Chapter Five". There must have been over a hundred people there. The champagne flowed and the hors'douevres were plentiful. Everybody wished the boat well.

Tuesday was the final official club party on the beach with unlimited Margarita's. There were plenty of games and although it rained earlier in the day it was dry for the event.

The boats are slowly leaving the marina for other distant shores. Some will travel North back to the States and Canada, whilst others are preparing to go South to do some more exploring. We are now in transition stage. After such a busy and fun winter it's a little sad to have to say goodbye to our friends. We will stay put a little longer. No plans as yet!


Horse racing about to begin.

The ladies,with their finest hats, ready for the race.

Charlie and Rose invited averybody to attend their new 65 foot boat "Chapter Five" christening.

The beach party.

Water balloon toss.

Sand skiing


The great barmen.


Week Three:

Boats have started to leave the resort at Boat Harbor and head back to the States for the summer. We still have no idea what we will do - go South, go North or head straight back home. It's nice to have options.

We've had a couple of good calm days, so we went out snorkeling and Andrew speared lunch....yummy. Unfortunately lobster season will be over soon and we have yet to catch one. Perhaps that's a good reason to return next year!

We took a personal tour of Emerald Lady, (Paddy and Tommy's boat). From a bare shell of a boat he has manufactured parts, built cabinets and completely fitted out the boat (nearly finished). It is gorgeous and quite an amazing feat!

First catch with the spear. Fish sandwich.

The Weeks Mk I ......... that we will fit this summer.

Tom & Paddy sitting at the table he built....what a craftsman!



Week Four:

The time has come for us to fly back to the States for our sons wedding. We are really looking forward to visiting with our family. Vanessa has been preparing for the post rehearsal party that we will host at our rental home.

Well, that all went by in a flash! Here we are back in Abaco after a very busy week of entertaining and being entertained...especially by our grandchildren. Here are a few shots of our very busy week at Disney World.

Now we need a vacation!!!!

Our girls getting ready for the big rush at Magic Kingdom

All three generations.

Groom and the boys! late....no way.

Father and son.

Mat & Christine

It's all about the Benjamin's!

At the alter.

L to R - Vanessa's family, Richard, Rachel, Jill, Adrian and Mark.

Jan & John with video issues!

Chloe left, Kendall right.

Nap time....who's that on the floor?

Our girls at Epcot.