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March 2014


Week One and Two:

The snow continues to fall. We managed to gather some logs but they did not provide very good heat, however we did clear some downed trees from Vanessa's friends backyard so all were happy.  The price of cut seasoned wood this year is approx $225 a cord. That would keep us warm for a week. The price of oil is $4.00 a gallon and we are using about $200 worth a week. So we need to either move South or do as we have been doing, get some exercise and go logging ourselves......just need to find the better seasoned logs. Obviously an art form we have yet to acquire!

We are keeping busy with many projects. Andrew rebuilt the old bird feeder and the birds are loving it. I have found a use for my shells. Mathew got the vase from the auction and I made him a candle, shell gift with it. Such talent.....ha,ha. Andrew is thrilled the stuff is being used and more thrilled it's being taken out of our house!

Mathew was 35 on March 3rd and on the 2nd we had a lovely family dinner party for his birthday. We are not normally in town for the children's birthdays so this was really nice for us to all be together. A fun time was had by all. On the 3rd there was another nasty snow storm and everywhere was closed down. This is becoming the norm around here and it looks like school will be running well into the summer because of all the closings we've had this winter.

We have spent some time this past week redoing our boat cockpit enclosure windows. In less than a month the boat goes in the water and we are now trying to get prepared for the dunking. After researching on the web we found a site that showed us how to do the replacement windows quite easily and to our surprise the job went quite fast. Unfortunately we didn't start our research until after we had done half the job. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed the thing goes together once we get it onboard.

We had our first Spanish class at our local senior centre this week. There are many activities going on there and we intend to make good use of the facilities. It's only a couple of miles away and once it warms up we may even ride our bikes there.

Birthday boy

More white stuff!

Boat work, drudgery!

Andrew rebuilt the old bird feeder

Vanessa making use of Abaco shells!

Week Three and Four:

 Life continues in the frozen North with snow showers every other day or so it seems. The projects are never-ending but the weather has been too uncooperative to do much outside. Vanessa reseeded the lawn and ever  since it's  been raining or snowing non stop.  We think the seed  is now at the bottom of our street.

Andrew is  on a weekly course of injections for his knee  that has been giving him pain for over a year  now.  We hope this will make  it bearable for him to walk for longer periods of  time because  now he can't walk far at all.   We go to the gym where he can ride a  stationary bike for  quite a while without much pain.  We've been losing weight as the docs said that would help. Not sure it has but we do feel better for it.

We are  a one car family at present. Our  new minivan is in transit from Canada. We are looking  forward to it's arrival because we have lots of projects that require use of the van.

Our windows at the front of the house (10) were replaced a couple of weeks ago. We were amazed when only  one man came to do the job, but he did a great job and finished within the day.  Now we are getting quotes for the driveway to be extended and repaired. At one time  we would have done all the work ourselves but it seems those days are now  behind us.

This coming week Tally Ho goes back in the water. It's going to be a  busy time.