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March,April & May 2015

Spring has sprung and after a couple of false starts we have sold the boat. We have looked back at the 9 years that we had Tally Ho and boy, did we have a great time. I estimate that we did about 20,000 miles in the boat and for the last two years we have not been as adventurous as we were in the previous 7. The new owners are as excited about getting the boat as we were when first first bought it.

Our plans are now to do some travelling on land and start to plan for the next few years. We are both getting older and aches and pains seem more plentiful than last year. We have already planned a month long trip to Europe and also we plan on spending another month in Florida to see what summer is like down there. Is it just too hot? We plan on finding out in August. (Mad dogs and Englishmen!)

Our grandchildren are growing up fast. We don't see that much of them due to their very hectic schedule, but when we do see them it is great. Our children are both busy with work and their partners. We too, are also keeping busy. We have started a Pickleball (a great sport, akin to badminton, tennis and ping pong) program at our local recreation center. it has taken a while to get going but it is now looking good and attendance increases weekly. We play twice a week. If we get more players perhaps we'll be able to play more days.