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May  2009

Week One:

On Sunday we left Spooner's Creek and headed up to Oriental to Pat and Gary's dock. However with a strong SW wind the water level was very low and we only just made it ....... well, we could get off the boat from the bow but the back of the boat was stuck in the mud and we just had to tie it up and hope that nobody else wanted to come any further up the creek.

Cocktails with Gary and Pat is always a pleasure and we had a lovely evening catching up on what we have all been doing. On Tuesday morning we rented a small car and drove home ......... rain and heavy rain all the way (7 hours worth). However we got home at 5.30 p.m. and had dinner with Mat. On Wednesday we went off to see Hannah, Bobby and the girls and we had a great time. They are so much fun already!

Pat hugging her friend!

Tally Ho almost made it to the dock...aground for a while!

Chloe in the middle.

Hannah, Chloe, Kendall and Bobby. Where's Nellie?



Week Two:

It's a busy time with babies, babies and more babies. We are having such fun! We had a lovely weekend celebrating Han's birthday and Mother's day. Hannah, Vanessa and the twins went shopping and Mathew took the Andrew and Bobby golfing.  

The weather has not been too cooperative and the lawn/flower beds need some serious attention. We've been sorting out the piles of mail that have been waiting for us since December and Andrew has been very busy opening all the packages he received. (Mainly parts and things to make boat repairs). Looks like we'll be very busy when we get back to the boat on Monday. We're going to miss the girls.

Pops and Kendall. What a pair!

Uncle Mathew and Chloe.

Chi Chi and the girls - loving it!


Week Three:

We spent the weekend playing with Chloe & Kendall, and then left Maryland on Monday morning and headed back to Oriental, NC to do lots of repairs and maintenance with the parts we had picked up at home. When we got to the boat the wind was blowing at 25Kts out of the NE and the water was very high - high enough for the road in front of the town dock to flood. What a contrast to the previous week.

Gary and Pat, our hosts,  had planned a week away in their camper and they very kindly let us stay at the dock until we were ready to leave. Friday (6:30am) we departed Oriental and motored all the way to Ocracoke on the Outer Banks.


Are we having fun yet!

Flooding in downtown Oriental.

Pat & Gary.

That's a lot to manoeuver!


This is the 2nd oldest lighthouse in the Nation. View from the anchorage.


Week Four:

En route to Ocracoke we hailed another vessel ahead of us. He didn't answer but two others did....and what a surprise it was to see Chris and Tracy, "Long Gone" in Ocracoke. We had a pleasant lunch with them and their friends, Vickie and Donnie. Ocracoke is somewhat like St. Michaels in MD, but on the ocean.

Our trip to Manteo from Ocracoke was not too enjoyable. The navigable waterway is narrow and there is a junction (more like a ton of red and green bouys in one heck of a mess) that really scared us .....less! We were lucky to have a sports fisherman nearby and he told us where to go. (No not like that....naughty!) Clear of the junction it was fine but narrow and the clouds and wind (20k) were gathering. By the time we got to Manteo we just anchored out and never had the time or inclination to go ashore. Fortunately we have been there before.

We left Manteo early the following morning and crossed the Albemarle Sound with little wind and no waves. Arriving at Elizabeth City we decided to dock at the concrete docks where we would be more sheltered from the expected 15-20K SE breezes the next day. The breezes came and we weren't sheltered enough, but we were being pushed against the dock and couldn't leave. Bright and early on Wednesday we cruised into the Dismal Swamp. We had some time to kill before the lock opening so we got in the dinghy and went up a canal. As we turned to go back the outboard motor failed and we ended up rowing most of the way and then getting a tow from John (trawler Suzanne- for now on sailboat Tenacity). Unperturbed, Andrew wanted to take a side trip to lake Drummond and we docked just by the cutoff. He put both outboards on the dink and neither worked, so he spent the day trying to fix them! The next day we docked at Elizabeth's dock and spent the night. We got into the Deep Creek lock the next day and the lockmaster "Robert" told us where to go (nicely) for the evening. We followed his directions to the book and had a great time visiting Portsmouth, Norfolk, the Commodore Theatre, Nauticus. We docked at High Street Landing and it was great. Next stop Hampton to visit friends.   


2nd oldest lighthouse in the nation. Located on Ocracoke Island, NC.

Cape Hatteras National seashore. A snake going out to sea?

Oceanside Ocracoke. The hunchback of Tally Ho!

Burial site of 4 British soldiers who died when their battleship was sunk protecting the island.

Bodie Lighthouse

Pirates at Manteo.

Trying to work on the outboards....yes both!

A peaceful day, Lake Drummond cutoff, Dismal Swamp.

Docked in Portsmouth. High Street Landing.

USS Wisconsin. Norfolk, VA.