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May  2013

Week One:

The weeks are flying by. We have been busy with the house and yard. The maintenance is never ending. We put paving stones in the front of the house and Vanessa is hoping to add a little English touch to fill the gaps with moss. Should look good if it works!

 We took the grandchildren to the Circus and they seemed to really like the experience. We on the other hand found it all about buy, buy, buy and it was rather annoying being constantly pestered by the salespeople. The show was quite good though.

 We had the girls again this weekend whilst Hannah went to Houston TX for a wedding. They had a great time at the petting farm with their daycare group and us in tow. We, the girls, also went fishing for tadpoles and that was great fun for all concerned. I think I'm in my second childhood!

Our dream of RV'ing is to be tested later this week when we try our hand at camping. Some time ago we thought about purchasing a big rig for many thousands of dollars BUT we thought "what if we don't like it". So we have decided to try camping at the bottom end of the spectrum (that means low cost) and if we do like it we can move up from there. Vanessa is already somewhat skeptical about the ordeal, or I should say adventure!

The twins at the petting farm.

It's time to milk the cow.

Off on a fishing trip

At the Circus

Week Two:

Another week has flown by and here we are again. So what adventures did we have this week. Well, we said goodbye to our grandchildren on Monday morning after having a really fun weekend with them. They had their first (possibly last, if their mother finds out) introduction to a yard sale, and they loved purchasing some new toys that we promptly took home to wash and play with. They caught more tadpoles down in the stream and they had great fun getting muddy and helping me in the yard! These are good times (also rather exhausting) now that they are almost 5.

 We had a couple of days to clean house for more guests and then we jumped in the van on Thursday and off we went camping, yes, I did say camping! We had a court party to attend on Saturday and we didn’t want to be far from home so we took the opportunity to test the waters, so to speak! And test the waters we did on Sunday when we broke camp in the rain! Not the best part of our experience by any means. However, for the most part it was a good experience and we now know that with a little tweaking here and there we may actually become “happy campers”.  We stayed at a nice camp site with hot running water and clean showers. The sites were well laid out and we pretty much had the place to ourselves for the first two nights. It was another matter on Saturday night when Sitting Bull, Hiawatha, and the Confederate (or Union) army showed up! The place was full to the brim with screaming children and guys on motorbikes. Not quite the communing with nature experience we were looking for! Still it was only one night and we were away for most of it, visiting with our neighbors, welcoming the new ones and saying goodbye to old friends. 

 Our tent is supposed to sleep ten……just like a boat, it is really comfy for two, and no more.  It didn’t take long to erect and within no time we were sawing wood for the fire and getting our makeshift home shipshape. For some reason food cooked over the fire and outdoors always tastes great. Whether it’s because after all the hard work of getting everything organized we are just happy to sit down and have something/anything to eat who knows.  Whatever, we enjoyed it. We hiked every day and thoroughly enjoyed that exercise too. We even did some geocaching using our new smartphone’s navigating skills. It is the most accurate device we have used.


Camp Benjamin

Moth of the month

Vanessa all tucked up

"I found it"


Week Three and Four:

Here we are again. The week began with an unbirthday dinner celebration on Vanessa's birthday to celebrate all the birthdays we'd missed so far this year. It is so difficult to get the family together for any event these days and we were still missing Christine on this occasion. It was a lovely evening though. The following day we did some much needed house and yard work and then we left for the boat.

The weather has been so funky this week. On Thursday we had the air conditioning on as it was in the 80's. On Friday we had the heating on because it was in the 50's. The winds have been constantly in the 20 mph range and our planned trip to Annapolis by boat this weekend never happened. Instead we drove to our sailing club rendezvous, as did many other sailors. We met some friends, Terry & Bill (Second Option) for lunch before the club event and we had a great time hearing about their first trip down to the Bahamas. They are leaving again in September and asked us to join them, but we still don't know what we want to do this winter. There are so many options and it's hard trying to pick one......what a life eh!  Do we feel fortunate or what! All of our adventures are done on a budget (frugality is the theme)  as you can see by the above photos, ha, ha, (not always so funny) but we are able to get about and do stuff and generally we enjoy the experience. Who knows what we'll be doing next.

Now the keyboard on the computer is failing and it's a problem to write. we have no 'w' or 's' or 'q' or '2'

We have to find one of these letters in the exiting document and copy then paste.

New keyboard ordered ......... will have to delay further updates.